Suburban Outpost of Russia


Дачный форпост России

October 11, Alexei Navalny has published an investigation about the mysterious country, located on the border of Russia and Finland in the area of engineering constructions in the area of border crossing of Svetogorsk – Imatra. Take a virtual walk along the Northern frontiers of the Motherland, “Fontanka” found out even more interesting picture or two of a small village, one of which is less than a kilometer from the border.

After passing another checkpoint “Torfyanovka”, tourists rush forward to the coveted Finland. But some private cars before Suomi, turn onto a dirt road. How to write user’s map Wikimapia, which is clearly interested in this path, 700 meters hit the gate with the phone.

“Call of the frontier the military come, and if resolution, passed,” wrote a nosy blogger.

According to the data of Rosreestr, in seven kilometers from the checkpoint “Torfyanovka” is gardening “border Guard”. It is nestled in a narrow Bay Finnish Bay from the Peninsula with a complex called Hemangioma. On the opposite shore is DNP “the Black Island”, accessed by a private road. Both the cottage village cut off from the rest of the world line engineering-technical constructions (barbed wire, control strips). This from the “border Guard” to Finland in a straight line is less than one kilometer.

However, recently, according to the truckers, directions to the “Isle of Black” has changed.

“A few months ago we traveled with a special pass, which gave the North-Western border. Such permits are issued to fishermen who catch fish in the Narva. A visa is not required. But now we turn to the left, before you reach the “Checkpoint”,” – says one of the inhabitants of these places.

Russian border guards are not favorable to all. A few years ago, border Department of FSB across Kareliya suddenly forbade owners to drive to the dacha areas located behind the line engineering-technical constructions from the Finnish border. The conflict was preceded by dismissal from service of a spouse of one of the summer resident noticed the unit head of the border guard in the city of Lahdenpohja. Prior to that, according to court records, no problem with the drive she and her neighbors were not. However, the applicants helped Themis: in early 2014 the Lahdenpohja district court ruled that the refusal to pass is illegal. The law of the land court under questioned.

Subsequently, the Supreme court of the Republic of Karelia canceled the decision. However, formally the cottagers are not forbidden to pass to his possessions: the guards took the other gates in the engineering and technical facilities than those who wanted the plaintiffs. The arguments of the truckers that this way it is impossible to use, the court found it unconvincing.


Both of the village on the Russian-Finnish border are not closed clubs. For example, in 2015, the urban real estate portals came the announcement of the sale of a cottage in “the Black Island” together with a plot of 20 acres. Potential buyers, willing to pay for remote suburban housing 18 million rubles, touted the following announcement:

“Located on the territory of the border zone “Torfyanovka” with a stop at the duty free shop “Kapo Duty Free”. Exclusive! Year-round travel. On the shore of the Gulf of Finland (up to water 30 m) with a Central island, a pier into the Bay flows into the Finnish river. Many thousands of hectares, only 23 households (generals, members)”.

What are the mysterious “generals and deputies of the” settled at the border with Finland? According to the Rosreestr, in the “border Guards” are about ten plots ranging from 10 to 25 acres. Two total area of 5000 sqm, owns, Vladimir Kirillov – the Deputy Governor of St. Petersburg in charge of sports, culture and youth policy. Kirillov began his career in the frontier troops of the KGB, in 1990-e years headed the administration of the Vyborg district of the Leningrad region, then worked as a head of Rosprirodnadzor. In late 1999, I wrote “Novaya Gazeta” on the Russian-Finnish border were detained the car “Ural” of the Vyborg frontier. Inside the Polaris snowmobile discovered that had been imported without paying customs duties. Accompanying the car military said that taking him Kirillov. A criminal case was initiated, but the results of the investigation are not known.


Suburban Outpost of Russia


In the income Declaration of the Deputy Governor Vladimir Kirillov for 2015 specified land garden plot of 5000 sq. m. “Sites near the border were issued to the border guards in the Soviet era. As head of the Vyborg district, I have personally signed such orders. And what Navalny wrote, the real stupidity. We have collective placed in a line engineering-technical constructions. Bulk took the old law of the Soviet Union, when the line was its limitations. Now the line itself is not: see in Finland – the lands adjacent to the border, occupied”, – said Vice-Governor with the “Fontanka” his opinion. According to Kirillov, in his site there is a house built in the late 1990-ies.


Дачный форпост России

Collage “Fontanka”/Wikimapia/Rosreestr

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At arm’s length from the border, according to rosreestra, is a plot of land of 950 square meters, owned by Ivan Dmitrievich Melusine. Same name of former Deputy Manager of the administration of the President, who was simultaneously the head of the North-Western Directorate for the reconstruction of the object Manager. The last time his name appeared in the media in connection with the “Panama scandal” in the database, was in the hands of the international consortium of journalists, has been found offshore.

When Melusine a major contractor for the Department was the company “intarsia”, which is now gone from the market. Next to the plot Melusina is possible to detect the land was to Stanislav Smirnov. Same name son of the owner of “Intarsia” Viktor Smirnov, is wanted in a criminal case of theft. Apparently, the loud echo of the sunset of “Intarsia” has reached the border with Finland: in the summer of 2016, Kuibyshev district Department of bailiffs of the Central district of St. Petersburg has imposed a lien on any transaction with the site of Stanislav Smirnov. Our database service for a son of the owner of “Intarsia” are four of the enforcement proceedings, all in connection with unpaid traffic fines. Recently they were closed due to inability to find the debtor.

Plot 25 acres in the “border Guard” also has Yuri Bezverhov. A person with the same name, patronymic and surname in 2000-e years worked as the Manager of the State Duma. The last time he is mentioned in the declarations of employees of the lower chamber in 2010 as Advisor to the Parliament speaker. It indicated that he had leased the plot is similar to the area that is assigned to a certain Yuri Bezverhova in horticulture “border Guard”.

Finally, another resident of gardening is Renat Akchurin suleimanovich. Same name of a famous heart surgeon who in 1996, had surgery coronary bypass heart surgery the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin. Land ownership Akchurin issued in 1999.

“Island Black”

Areas in the holiday village “the Black Island” on the opposite side are mostly the same size – most gardeners are put at 20 acres. Just over twenty houses.

In “the Black Island” you can find most of those generals of the advertisement about selling the house. So, two plots with a total area of 2500 sq. m belong Nadia ishakova. Similarly, name the current head of the reserve on the northwestern Federal district and the former head of the border Department of the FSB in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. The Declaration of Lieutenant General Nadim Iskhakov for 2015 stated that in his lease there is land 1500 sq. m. from Its namesake database of Rosreestr in 2016 issued in land with the same area and at the same time acquired another 10 acres in DNP “the Black Island”.

20 acres belong to Vladimir Grebenyuk. His full namesake – the General-the Colonel, who served in political positions in several military districts, and now Vice-Chairman of the Russian Union of patriots. Finally, 20 acres rents Vladimir Gusev, whose name, surname and patronymic coincide with the name of Lieutenant-General, former Deputy chief UFSB across Petersburg and Leningrad region.


Дачный форпост России

Collage “Fontanka”/Google.Maps

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However, there are among the inhabitants of the village and civilians. Among them – the son of the former head of the state Inspectorate and the owner of the demolition company “Terminator” Cyril ORT. 20 acres assigned to Valery Larceny – namesake of the head of the Association of funeral industry of St. Petersburg. Also among cross-border truckers can meet Alexei Lopyreva: a man with the same name was listed as the head of sales Department North-West Department of “Gazpromneft marine Bunker” (as of may 2016). Finally, 20 acres owned by St. Petersburg restaurateur Michael Michalowo.

“The site was not worth above market rates, – says one of the gardeners. I bought it due to the fact that there is not a lot of people and good fishing. All the houses are modest, castles no one”.

However, in these places and good hunting. “Wild nature and animals: swans, geese, wolverines, lynx, bears, elks, wild boars, etc.,” reads the ad about the sale of the site. According to the Committee for the protection of fauna objects of the Leningrad region government, official ahtopolthe this area of the Vyborg district is “cross-Border hunting”. It is to him you must treat all, who wants to shoot the beast in these woods. The ownership structure of OOO “TRANS-Border hunting” confusing, however, according to Spark, it is registered at the same address with “Constructors” – St. Petersburg structure of a “Stroygazmontazh” Arkady Rotenberg.

Land of bygone days

Sites in the “Frontier” and “the Black Island” belong to the category of agricultural land. The permitted use is different. They provided “for gardening, for country construction”, somewhere- only for individual gardening.

Head of the municipal formation “Seleznevskie rural settlement” Sergey Nechayev reported that the area under horticulture Pogranichnik currently listed in the master Plan of the village as reserve land. On the question of DNP “the Isle of Black,” he said, “No, never heard of such.” However, the official explained that the decision on transfer of lands from the category of stock was taken, most likely, at the level of administration of the Vyborg district.

“The district had to apply to the regional Committee for state property management to obtain approval and make the decision to change the status of the land,” explained Nechunaev, but remember when the decision was made on the establishment of the DNP, I couldn’t. Although he recognizes that working in the district for 10 years.

The head of administration of settlement Seleznevskaja Sergey Rybnikov did not answer the questions when and by whose decision has been made to gardening “the Guard” and DNP “the Black Island”. In conversation, he referred to the fact that the archives are in the district administration. The head of Committee of the property of the Vyborg district Sergey Kalmak was unavailable for comment, as his head, head of administration Gennady Orlov. And here the Chairman of Committee on management of state property of Leningrad region government Eduard Saltykov questions listened and promised soon to prepare the answers.

They said “Fontanka” in the government of Leningrad region, the procedure of withdrawal of land reserve the following: the district municipality is preparing the justification for the seizure, for example, citing the shortage of agricultural land. After that, the team should enlist the support of specialized committees of the government of the region in the form of positive conclusions. Among them, for example, the Committee on natural resources. On the basis of this package of KUGI of Leningrad region makes the decision about the transfer or the refusal of the municipal. And when the most important task to change the status of reserve lands to agricultural land is made, the transfer of plots under cottage construction seems to be a matter of technique occurs at the district level, the source of our edition.

In any case, this scheme worked in the recent past. As it was in the mid-1990s, I do not remember even the officials-timers: it was then, apparently, formed a gardening Pogranichnik. A little later a cottage settlement “Island Black”: in incorporation record to create a corresponding DNP was introduced in 2008. Questions from officials of administration of the Vyborg district did not arise: the actual possession of the land in the border areas is not illegal. Although it should be noted: it is unlikely that a mere mortal would be able to afford land here. But many inhabitants of cottage settlements, which currently travel abroad, now you can watch the neighboring territory of at least binoculars.


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