Study: Negative calorie does not happen


Исследование: Отрицательной калорийности не бывает

If you talk about negative calorie, many believe that our body is for processing a particular product spends more calories than is contained in the product.

The new study showed that, despite the number of calories in the product, a person that he gets. Any food is a source of energy. The only difference is the amount of calories consumed.

The experiment was conducted with the participation of omnivorous lizards from the family of agamid. Within 10 days the lizards didn’t eat, and after they were offered raw celery. Scientists have calculated the energy loss due to digestion, bowel movements and determined the net gain of energy.

The animals used 33% of calories to process food, 43% for the excretion of urine and feces and 24% will not vaporized and remains in the body. It tells us that the fourth part of the calories that are in celery left.

Calculate any possible cost of energy by the human body during a meal, the authors concluded that foods as it was considered to be not have calories, actually leave a person from 19-50 percent of calories.


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