Study: aspirin harmful for healthy people over 70 years of age


Исследование: аспирин вреден для здоровых людей старше 70 лет

Repeatedly in medical journals for a long time, it was mentioned that the entire population after the age of 40 need to consume aspirin and its analogs, for preventing blood clots in adulthood. The latest study, which was presented at the world cardiology Congress in late August revealed that the effect of aspirin on the body of the elderly has no such positive action, as previously stated.

Experts denied the feasibility of taking aspirin population who do not have problems with the cardiovascular system. Scientists also warn that unnecessary use of this drug can lead to bleeding.

The Congress was the results of the research in which participated more than 20 000 people, which were divided into risk factors. Those participants who had the least heart problems, or even completely absent, as a result of taking aspirin showed a high risk of bleeding.

In this regard, scientists have proposed not to recommend daily aspirin for healthy people as prophylaxis. With caution should appoint people with a high risk of developing heart failure.


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