Studio apartment is a psychological trap for tenants


Однокомнатная квартира является психологической ловушкой для жильцов

Studio apartment has long been the dream of almost every Soviet young man. In the period of market economy, the popularity of Studio apartments has increased due to their affordable prices. Everyone wants to get a proper angle, to create family, have children, and do not live with their parents. But, according to psychologists and physicians, such housing represents a real danger to the nervous system of adults and children’s health.

What are the dangers of living in a Studio apartment

In psychology, there is a separate area which is studying the impact of design on people. Scientists have shown a direct correlation space, in which a person lives, and his mental state. As it turned out, a small space generated by stress, irritability, aggression, a desire to isolate themselves from loved ones, often provoke the use of alcohol or drugs.

Special attention researchers pay to the influence of space on the younger generation. It turned out that the children from a cramped Studio in the world worse learn, more closed, more often miss classes and much more suffer from infectious diseases.

This is explained quite simply: man, even little needed personal territory for life. The lack of water affects health, crowded bacteria spread much faster, the illness of one family member causes the simultaneous infection of all the others. In addition, the small space entails oslablenie the immune system and the appearance of excess weight.

One-room apartments, usually no Central air, which causes air stagnation and the accumulation of harmful microorganisms. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend that residents of one-bedroom apartments plenty of fresh air and regularly ventilate the room.

If one sleeps have about 7 square feet, probability of Contracting respiratory infections more than 30%. It turned out that people living in cramped conditions for a long period of time will ultimately shorten their lives by 8 years.

Experts in the field of ergonomics developed standards area that are acceptable for a comfortable stay:

  • 14 sq m per person – a sanitary standard;
  • 33 sq. m. – social norm per occupant;
  • 42 square metres for a family from two persons;
  • 54 sq. m – three.

How to improve living conditions in a Studio apartment

The advice of psychologists are as follows: in a small apartment, you should try to avoid conflict, often walking in the air, ventilate the room to provide everyone a little personal space, not to clutter up the apartment, to maintain cleanliness and order.

More interesting are the advice of designers and architects. They have developed effective methods of internal equipment of the small housing with the aim of increasing convenience for owners.

For example, to make full use of space from floor to ceiling it is reasonable to order the size of shelves for storage. On the windowsill is easy to arrange the work surface for computer or other activities, the bar or folding table.

The TV is better mounted on the wall – so to save a lot of space.

Children can enjoy the bunk beds for adults – folding beds, which in the daytime adjacent to the wall and not take up much space.

In the finish, preferably light tones, plenty of glass and mirrors – they visually expand the space.

Professional advice will help to significantly improve the quality of family life in a small apartment.


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