Strike on Syria unleashed a “war” in Britain, may have predicted a major defeat


Удар по Сирии развязал "войну" в Британии: Мэй предсказали крупное поражение

 The British Prime Minister, Theresa may, after the missile strike on Syria is losing the battle for the hearts of the people of the United Kingdom. Voters too fresh memories of Iraq, in addition, they are afraid of confrontation between the superpowers, says the Daily Mail columnist Dan Hodges.

She may, in conversation with the leaders of the United States and France, Donald trump and Emmanuel Macron called the attack a successful,efficient and high-precision. But Hodges pulled celebrating the triumph may with Syrian skies, Recalling that its main partner is the British people who look at military action is not shared.

So, according to the YouGov survey, only 22% of Brits supported the strike by the Syrian army, opposed by 43% opposed it. A study by the Mail on Sunday suggests that the British did not appreciate the decision to circumvent the decision to bypass Parliament in a 2:1 ratio.

“In reality, the battle for the hearts and minds of the British, it is at the moment on the verge of defeat,” writes journalist Dan Hodges. He recalled that Mei described the rationale of the impact the government has reached agreement with Donald trump, but ignored the most important contact with your partner — the British people.

“In the end, while British troops were preparing to climb into the sky over the Mediterranean, their government going AWOL”, he said.

Note that the material was published with the headline “Theresa may won the battle for Syria, but lost the war for the hearts of the British.” In numerous comments to the story, the readers of the Daily Mail has described as absurd the claims of the journalist that “Mei wins in Syria.” “What kind of nonsense is this? May not have won anything! This attack on Syria is outrageous. She absolutely did not win in Syria”, — write users.

“Mei did not win: it was a pathetic Minister of internal Affairs and became an even worse Prime Minister. The sooner she leaves, the better,” said Mike.

According to Seggy1958, “regardless of that, Assad used the chemical weapons or no, she (Mei — approx. FAN) wasn’t supposed to drag us into this. The UK has so many internal problems that need attention”.

“How is she “won in Syria,” Dan?”, — ironically asked MelvynBurchell. And the user N0rthstar said that there is only one explanation of the act may: “the desire to stay on the side of the trump/US, because we need good relations and trade… But this time she shot herself in the foot.” “I wonder how we are going to get her to go because she is too well entrenched there”, he added.

I’ve never heard so many exaggerated military nonsense and lies from the mouths of politicians since Tony Blair was Prime Minister — admitted to the Union Jackson.

Recall, the armed forces of the United States, Britain and France attacked Syria on the night of 14 April. In Syria that was issued more than 100 winged “Tomahawks”, the successful fight of the Syrian air defense, knocking down 71 of them. The us attacks were reflected by Soviet missiles launched over 30 years ago.

The result was wounded three civilians and damaged military facilities and civilian infrastructure. So, one of the missiles hit a school in Damascus.

The actions of the US and allies have strongly condemned Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, calling the attack an act of aggression against the state, which is at the forefront of the fight against terrorism. The leader of the Russian Federation recalled that, for attacks from outside as the reason you used the dramatization of himataki in the Duma, although no trace of the use of prohibited weapons has not been discovered nor Russian military experts, nor confirmed from the civilians.

The General staff of the Russian Federation on the 13th of March warned that in Eastern ghouta is preparing a provocation, which main purpose is the promotion of new allegations of using chemical weapons against Assad, and strikes against Syria from the outside.

In addition, Putin pointed out that the attacks of the US and its allies provoke a new wave of refugees from Syria and the wider region, exacerbating the humanitarian catastrophe and pandering to terrorists who “plagued the Syrian people for seven years.”


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