Strict kefir-Apple diet will help to lose weight quickly


Строгая кефирно-яблочная диета поможет быстро похудеть The creators of the diets promise that a day will go by 1 kg of excess weight.

Kefir-Apple diet long been in demand among those who are constantly struggling with excess weight. Even tough the diet are not afraid of losing weight and they often choose this diet for weight loss.

The essence of kefir-Apple diet

During the day you can eat 1.5 kg of apples, preferably green and not sweet. Fruits should be distributed in advance to 5-6 meals.

Be sure to drink 100 ml of low-fat yogurt in 20-30 minutes after eating apples.

Kefir-the Apple diet banned all the other ingredients except green tea and water. Nothing more, including sugar and salt. Actually, this is due to the stunning effect of this diet.

Of course, in a Cup of green tea to add sugar, as it prevents the body cleansing and weight loss. If it is absolutely impossible to drink unsweetened tea, you can add honey, but it’s daily dose should not exceed 2 teaspoons.

Water should be consumed before you eat the Apple and this is very important. The first 2 cups of water you should drink in the morning immediately after waking up. But to stop drinking whole glasses necessary after 16:00, otherwise in the morning you may have some swelling.

Important information about kefir-the Apple diet

Eat yogurt and apples for just 1 week, no more. The fact is that the daily calorie needs proteins and fats will be very low, but it is not good for health in General, therefore, nutritionists recommend not to overdo it and to comply with kefir-Apple diet 7 days 1 day – in this case, the diet will be a great variation of the fasting day for bowel cleansing and excretion of toxins and excess fluid.

How useful is kefir-Apple diet?

Besides the fact that on this diet you can lose weight by 1 kg per day, gastro-intestinal tract will be cleansed from various unnecessary savings and earn in the right direction. Beneficial lactic acid bacteria populate the gut and establish its microflora. The maximum amount of vitamins and minerals from apples saturate the circulatory system and strengthen the immune system. Due to dietary fiber, fiber and a laxative effect by combination of yogurt and apples is the reduction of cholesterol and glucose in the blood, and this is the prevention of diabetes and atherosclerosis and many other diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

If you have never tried to lose weight on the yogurt with apples, fall is a great time to try this diet.


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