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Странные методы воспитания времен Средневековья. ФотоNot the best advice for modern parents.

In our time, when there are such wonderful inventions as disposable diapers, all kinds of radio and baby monitors, rubber nipples, wet wipes and various cosmetics for babies, it’s hard to imagine what it was like for mothers in the Middle ages and the Renaissance.

How they coped when there was none of the above?

Странные методы воспитания времен Средневековья. Фото

How to care for the child

As soon as the child was born, he was immediately necessary to impose rose petals and RUB with salt. If one of the relatives will want yourself to swaddle the baby, all others should step aside, and experienced nanny tell anyone where to stand. Generally, the nanny is the most important person, because the child is plastic like wax, and grow exactly what it will do Babysitting. If the nanny is bad or harmful — so you will have a baby. Swaddle baby should be carefully, completely rewinding the hands, feet and head. After that it should be put in a cradle for him to sleep. Aldobrandino di Siena in his work “Solid Charter” 1254.

Странные методы воспитания времен Средневековья. Фото

Swaddling is important

Why it is necessary as it is possible more densely to swaddle a baby? Bartholomew English in the “Sixth book”, dated 1492, the company, says that all body parts of an infant are very delicate and moveable, and, if you don’t swaddle him properly, his internal organs can move.

Странные методы воспитания времен Средневековья. Фото

What if the baby needs to change diaper

First you need to firmly close all doors and Windows in the house. Babysitter sits closer to the stove, pull the legs, puts it on her lap a pillow at her child and covered from all sides by a cloak to random draft no colds child. If the child is abundantly went to relieve himself, it can wash away a special cloth of linen, which is moistened with water with addition of wine. The sitter needs to change diapers the baby three times a day — at seven in the morning, at noon and at seven in the evening. The author of these tips Jacques Guillaume in his “the Birth of a child, or Happy pregnancy” 1612 recommends that you change the baby’s diaper one more time at midnight, but notes that in the area, this practice is not yet very common.

Странные методы воспитания времен Средневековья. Фото

How to bath a baby

Francesco da Barberino in the “Charter for women” 1348 advised to bathe only a well-rested child and always use warm water. If the winter — need to take more hot water, but use boiling water is not recommended. Kids wash twice or thrice a day, but as quickly as possible. If the baby’s skin is flushed, washing should be discontinued. If during bathing the kid wanted kicking your legs, you need to let it do so he will get stronger faster. As soon as the child is washed, need to RUB his nostrils and joints with olive oil of good quality.

Странные методы воспитания времен Средневековья. Фото

Especially breastfeeding

Bartolomeus, Ettlinger in his “Book about children” 1473 strongly encourages mothers to breast feed in the first 14 days after birth, because her milk has not yet had time to acquire useful properties. In these two weeks feeding should engage a wet nurse, and breast milk is the author of the work recommends that to suck with wolf (as stated in the original text, but it could go on the puppy). If the mother still wish to nurse the child immediately after birth, is recommended before feeding to give the baby a drop of honey, and then the mother’s milk not be so harmful.

Странные методы воспитания времен Средневековья. Фото

How to choose a wet nurse

The same author gives tips on finding a caregiver. If the mother is unable for whatever reason to engage in their own breastfeeding, this case, it is necessary to charge nurse. It should not be too young and too old, it is best if it will be 25 years. By the time when she will start to feed your baby, her own must be over six weeks. Basic requirements — the girl should be healthy, not shy, with tanned face, powerful neck and big Breasts of medium size. The Breasts of the nurse should not be too small, too large or saggy.

Странные методы воспитания времен Средневековья. Фото

What to do when baby teething

When the child begins to suffer from the fact that he’s teething, you need to gently massage his throat and gums, and after this massage to spread the gum paste from rabbit brain. As says Giovanni Michele Savonarola in his “Tips for women” 1450, this is the best pain reliever. This should be done twice a day until the child will not come relief. If pate in the house is not found, use dog milk. If not, if it will fit and goose fat.

Странные методы воспитания времен Средневековья. Фото

When children can drink the wine

Bartolomeus, Mellinger in the “Book about children” tells the girls to taste the wine before 12 years old, and boys not before 14. Why not before? It turns out that due to the fact that before this age children grow, and for growth they need moisture. The wine is dry, and it destroys the moisture, so prevents the children to grow.


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