Stories about minigig


I used to think that to catch a spinning on the lake or erike interesting bait that require complex animations. Twitching, catching in the grass, accurate casts the lure under the wall of reeds, passion for pike on topwater – all this is compensated by the smaller size of the fish compared to the same Volga or Akhtuba. And this fall I planned a few voblery fishing in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain. But in my slim plans to intervene minigig.

Maybe I never caught on minigig in the lakes, if we don’t need to understand how to behave in some rods. But to understand the new spinning – it is necessary to first “read” water-tested “weapons”, and then test the new sticks.

On the first fishing trip I was never able to quit jig fishing because of the unknown strong pokes that are felt periodically. Moreover, the small pike were caught by someone bitten. So the fish is large in Erice there! Friend found a place where he pecked pot-bellied perch. I did not change bait while the tail on the black miniparrot was already odusan. And literally on the second posting, I picked up some fish. The spinning rod bent in an arc, the friction brake is alarming “growled”. Just in case its a little bit weakened. Hooks №2 – small for big pike. After two or three strong potager considered the pike, which hook is hooked just below the back. Pike are strange. The back of it rough, and the tail is all ragged, like he’s already in the meat grinder had been. Such fish I removed from bodies of water without regret.

But the next bite had me worried. As it turned out, pike was 1.6 kg. Porolone in his mouth sat firmly on the side. Because of this, pike is easily unfolded and bolted, it could. She made three candles, and then more or less calmed down, stopped jumping, but still did not want to give up.

Foam fish took very unsightly, outlines his passing on badly chewed cigarette butt. I basically continued to catch her. I was wondering to what extent the bait it is necessary to devour that she ceased to tempt the pike. I fished out another five pieces, three of which were released back due to substandard dimensions. Porolono I changed only once from the foam nothing left. Small, sharp teeth tore it almost to the crown of the ring. Imagine how much I’d spent silicone baits on this Erica! This foam fish and the good that continues to catch and in the absence of a tail and almost completely losing the original shape. I took her bait, freed from foam double the insert with a crown ring to house them again paste in a foam fish.

On the border areas

The second fishing minigig was held at Erice, which serves as the actual border between Astrakhan and Volgograd regions. Friend fished there recently and told me about a crazy bite on the float. I was most interested in the fact that in the catch were carp. Let small, in the region of pounds, but to hold such a rod is really like. In turn, I told Nicholas, as he was tributyl spinning, showed him my lure. For him fishing jigs was new. Well, the more interesting he will be to me. Shook hands, and the next day at 5 am I have loaded into the “field” in anticipation of the amazing fishing on Erica, which have not been since last winter.

Despite the fact that the Eric we arrived before sunrise, our place was busy. Eric this place is smoothly turned by 90°, the shore was quite steep and is not full of convenient places for the poplavochnikov. Basil, who brought us here has shifted slightly to the left, and Nicholas sat down at the old place, where two weeks ago he is very well pecked. Seeing a shortage of comfortable places, I did not uncover the float rod, and for starters decided to go with a spinning rod. “Feel” the depth, get to know Eric and his predators.

However, it is normal to catch me failed. Here and there Eric had been tightened Chinese nets. Catch was not possible. Setochniki caught little fish and mostly small perch, roach, small carp. Looking ahead, I will say that the Basil on two float rods have caught more. What can you do, many anglers have the idea of fishing: rubber boat and a few nets.

By lunchtime, the grid was removed, fields cleaned of debris. I continued acquaintance with Eric. Passed along the shore, perhaps a kilometer, catching and releasing perch and small jacks. When I got back, witnessed the fight of a carp. Yes, carp, not satanic! We saw from afar, as Basil is struggling with a kind of rump. Could not resist, went to see. Yes, it really is carp. Offhand kg 3 pull. For Erika – this is a very decent size. Oh, these would be, Yes, a couple…

Basil, a kind soul, invited everyone to stand and continue fishing, but all politely declined. Turns out you have to catch – catch, we will not interfere. And as I think rightly so. Basil caught very well. Tank with fish barely raised from the water. Under night in his catch flaunted another satanic, a couple of large hybrids, skimmers and Zopa. There is, as they say, and the ear, and for pickling, and zhareha. Caught it on an ordinary fishing rod. One with a capacity rings, the other with blind tooling. He constantly throws the bait, and waited patiently for a bite. According to him, he still had one carp bite, but this time fortune smiled on him.

Demonstrations minidigi

After lunch, I wandered around enough, eriku. Finally found a place where I constantly felt angry single butting the bait, but without continuing. Usually, catching on the jig, I am responsible for a bite is tantamount to cutting. The stronger the jerk fish the more bait, thinking it was a pike. This time the kicks were a little stronger than it does bass, and weaker than pound pickerel. I lingered more than usual in one place ready to make powerful sweeps to see who is there constantly biting my porolono. Presumably it could be large bass, but to my surprise, the first one was punished pike. Small, near a pound, but for me it was a surprise. In the mind immediately flashed a carousel of thoughts. Such bites was enough for today! Maybe there is not a single perch live?

I continued to catch, and two transactions in a row again resulted in a powerful hooking and playing polukilogrammovy of perch. I was in complete bewilderment. No, it happened that friends of mine have caught perch in floodplain lakes, but I was for the first time, and so, commercially. In confirmation of their guesses, I caught a couple of perch, but in a different place. There were two gathering near the shore. This catch even Basil was surprised. He believed that walleye can only be caught from a boat in a plumb, he could not from the shore.

My catch pulled at 8.5 kg. up To two o’clock in the morning at home I cleaned the fish, removed the fillet and twisted the meat, not believing his eyes, the fact that so many fish I could catch in Erice Pylevatyh.



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