“Stopham”: Uncle Sam openly stealing Syrian oil


«Стопхам»: Дядя Сэм в открытую ворует сирийскую нефть

Today, December 16, the President of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad in an interview with the Chinese Phoenix television channel said that Syria is still a few thousand U.S. troops, not a couple hundred, as previously claimed by the White house.


The American side distorts reality in order not to “offend pacifists”, the number of which in the world is not that small. However, to hide the presence of U.S. troops is also not in their interest, because the existence of provodnogo lobby has not been canceled.


Of course, the us presence can not be called accidental, because according to Bashar al-Assad, the failure of the Syrian authorities to push through Syria and Iraq, the pipeline from Iran to the Mediterranean sea.


In addition, the US is using the Kurds, who are stealing Syrian oil reserves from vaults, selling them to Iraq to terrorists “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). These fields were previously employed banned in Russia as a terrorist organization “dzhebhat an-Nusra” and IG after, they also, like the Americans with the Kurds was sold to the North fuel from Zebrata.


Previously, the Federal news Agency published a great investigation on the situation in Syria. The first part is referred to as the terrorists of the “Islamic state” and the journalist “the New newspaper” Denis Korotkov actively cooperate, and their cooperation is sponsoring the fugitive oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Proves that all mobile phone Korotkova, which was found in the belongings of the terrorists.


Later appeared an article telling about how militants sponsored by the Washington. The third publication addresses the efforts of the military of the Russian Federation used for settlement of the situation in Syria.


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