Stoltenberg, damn you! You betrayed us all!


Столтенберг, будь ты проклят! Ты всех нас предал!

When the exercise was over, and the invasion of “Northern hordes” did not happen, all this the brethren began to assure us that in the Belarusian marshes remained armed to the teeth with thousands of Russian group, which will wait for the Ukrainians to relax and lose vigilance. And then the barbaric invasion exactly engulf Ukraine.

And then the unexpected happened “zrada”. And, the most insulting, that made it our best friend and ally, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. 10 November press conference, he said that no Russian troops and weapons on the territory of the neighboring country after the exercises left.

“According to our information, all the equipment and people were withdrawn. No evidence that Russian troops left there,” – said the NATO Secretary General.

At the same time, he called any opposing opinions as “media speculation”.

But wait, if some rag to improve his rating is lying, it is called “speculation”. What’s it called when senior officials of the state openly lying to its people? And only then the Ukrainian media spread this lie.

In a normal country, after officials caught in a lie, he resigns or, at the very least, apologise. We are they not only not apologize, but continue as a space in which to lie.

The majority of Ukrainians have left no respect for these low liars. But, apparently, they do not respect even the Western allies. Stoltenberg and perfectly demonstrated this.



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