Stole 65 billion banker detained in the Czech Republic with a fake passport


Укравший 65 млрд рублей банкир задержан в Чехии с фальшивым паспортом

Ex-Chairman of the Board of the bankrupt Bank “Interkommerts” Alexander Bugaevskiy, was detained during a routine document check, during which there were suspicions in their authenticity, and then was set and his personality. The hole led them to the capital of the Bank amounted to 65 billion rubles.

Alexander Bugaevskiy was declared internationally wanted by Interpol a year ago on charges of multi-billion dollar embezzlement of the Bank’s assets before the revocation of his license. The banker from abroad demanded to cancel his correspondence arrest, insisting on his innocence, and promised to return. In this case, all former subordinates of Mr. Buhaevsky accused the other of fraud, escaped from home arrest in Moscow on the eve of sentencing.

At the time of revocation of the license of the Bank “Interkommerts”, later recognized by arbitration court the bankrupt, hole in the capital was estimated at 65.2 billion rubles. the Main assets of “Intercommerce” were withdrawn, and in its loan portfolio were mainly non-performing loans amounting to about 48.8 billion RUB. meanwhile, by estimations ASV, at the beginning of March of this year, liabilities to creditors in liquidation “Intercommerce” make up nearly 86 billion.


The case against Mr. Buhaevsky TFR filed March 30, 2016, the Kommersant notes. It was about fraud committed 21-25 January 2016, that is directly in front of the approaching collapse of the credit institutions. Then, according to the TFR, the Chairman of the Board has written off the accounts under his control and some “not established consequence to persons” firms €45 million (about RUR 3.9 bn) through fictitious contracts of purchase and sale of currency. 7 September of the same year in respect of A. M. bugaevsky there was one case of fraud over the theft of the Bank owned by Federal loan bonds with a nominal value 7,925 billion.



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