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Take them note.

Bad hair days are every, but not every knows how to fix them. If the situation, when hair, to put it mildly, did not work, familiar to you, take note of five simple and stylish hairstyles, which go strongly to everyone, regardless of face shape and hair structure. And they are very easy to repeat, reports the with reference to Cosmo.

Sexy beach waves like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

All you need is a spray with sea salt and Curling of large diameter.

Low beam, like Victoria Beckham

The paradox is this: the more careless such a beam is, the more stylish it looks. Cover with the Wiki proves it clearly: in fact, its beam is a low ponytail, the ends of which are fixed with a rubber band. Nothing complicated!

Central parting and smooth hair like Emilia Clarke

Attention, shocking information: if you just change the usual middle parting by making it a center, or on the other side, you are guaranteed to begin to ask questions like: “did You get a haircut?”, “You did something with your face?”, so what better way to refresh the image simply does not come up! Emilia Clarke enhances the effect of using extruded on a pad of strands, which automatically and not depending on the condition of the hair get Shine and visual design.

High ponytail like Kathryn Newton

Sounds strange, but if the right to collect hair in a high ponytail, you can get very significant lifting effect, so stacking is especially good for not too long, but important events. Another point, which is always somewhat annoying: vellus hair, slightly spoiling the overall picture, but it is solved elementary. Collecting hair in a ponytail, sprinkle it, a little Polish on the palm and sleek them unruly hairs.

A phenomenal amount, like Gisele bündchen

If you have curly hair, to restore such a volume will be much easier, if not — no problem, just have a little longer to work. In the first case can be applied to damp hair a little mousse, put them in loosely high beam to dissolve after a couple of hours and carefully whisk by hand. The second will have to use a round brush and Curling of large diameter, divide hair into quite large sections. After you have to tilt your head down, blend the curls with your fingers and fix them with varnish. Ready!


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