Steal production in the USSR was taught from childhood


Воровать на производстве в СССР учили с детства

Воровать на производстве в СССР учили с детства

A typical caricature from the magazine “Crocodile”.

“You are the host not a guest drag from work every nail”. Went to the Soviet times, the people a saying. Characterized the attitude of workers toward public ownership. “If our state people, that is ours, – says the Soviet worker, and the company that I work for the state, that, in fact, everything on it is mine. So what you want, then go home and take”. And it’s not that people in the Soviet Union was mentally born with some thieves-recidivists. Just the Soviet people in daily life were you need a lot of what Soviet stores he could not buy. And it’s not even the meat or even products. This is something yourself. But even banal materials it was impossible to buy. And here, in the factory or on site, wherever you look – just the deposits of useful things. How can one not resist? Nesuny – so formal and slightly shamefully called this category of citizens officially. But this phenomenon was so extensive that “person” in my life has ever been, every Soviet citizen. Even some Secretary, and she dragged home a blueprint or there are clips. Change? And in the whole country? When the Soviet people has acquired this useful in his everyday Soviet life skill to drag all of that is bad? It turns out that the Soviet people were taught this from childhood. And not some private truant uncle Misha in the yard. No, the process of learning to steal in the production was put to a serious state level and this art taught children in cinemas during a demonstration of children’s films. Don’t believe? Well then, please proceed to the cinema events under the cat.

Today we will review Soviet children’s movie in 1972, “the Fifth quarter” of the Director Grigori Aronov, filmed on the script of Michael Kuraev. Rather only the fragment concerning the topic. But first a few words about the plot of the film, to make it clearer what is happening.

In the story, a Leningrad student Anton on summer vacation off to his brother at the construction site in remote Ust-Ilimsk. Along the way, passing through Bratsk, he met with the Director of the Bratsk hydroelectric Ivan by Kondakovym. But more on that later. Also on the way from Bratsk to construction Uslt-Ilims, Anton met with a certain Goshka. Moreover, the meeting takes place under rather dramatic circumstances – Goshko taking policeman. As it turns out, goshka cut the wiring and details in the recently repaired car. Later, Anton and Gosha become friends and goshka shares with another new mystery in the forest he equipped a construction site where he is building a helicopter. Of course Anton lights up to help Goshka to build a helicopter, then fly over the hangar.

Up to this point the story can develop in any country of the world. In any country of the world, the two boys could ignite the desire to build your helicopter. However, only in the Soviet Union in this way could face specific problems. Right tools and materials. In fact, Goksu some friends with Anton was not sincere. Millet Anton’s brother is a foreman at a construction site and goshka figured that through such kinship with a lot of useful Goodies from the construction site.

The helicopter itself is not. The frame guys make from some thin reechek. In General, the design is extremely unreliable. And then Anton was lucky – he accidentally meets up with his friend Director Ivan Vasilyevich and he takes it with him to an inspection trip on one of the construction of a new platinum – future Ust-Ilim hydroelectric station. And that’s what happens during this trip. Look.

Who for some reason broke to watch this short (2 minutes 25 seconds) fragment, summarized what is happening there.

Anton looked at the project of the century. Of course any kid would be interested to get on this site. But Anton is there and korite. He’s looking at – whether it is something to skommunizdil (as in Soviet times called it the most). And suddenly his eyes flare up, he sees the aluminum corner and rushes to the deposits. It stops working and interested in – what, in fact, small need. Anton immediately begins to lie (approximate pioneer) that this area needed Director Kondrikova. Working immediately droops, realizing that spit found on the stone and starts to mutter feebly something like: “Yes, we have a total of three tons”. “No, – calms him of Aton – this is for the Leningrad friend of the Director, he had only a few planks”. Working a smile – he immediately understood what was happening. And we understand that small things and working himself and his friends this terribly scarce in the USSR the aluminum corner take away his home. In General. Anton gets what he wants, and the Director and even dropping him on his “Volga”, Yes, good-bye clicks her tongue – that’s supposedly the good guy, with a scale running.

It’s beautiful everything. Just a mini-anthology of Soviet life. First, of course, the fact of theft from the construction site deficient area not only does not cause any doubts of the correctness of such an act, but rather is presented as absolutely true and morally pure. Despite the fact that the movie is for children. Secondly, the fact that pioneer is free and easy lying, a worker who took it in the ass. What? All the pioneers did. The life stage. Thirdly, the children from childhood is taught a lesson – the Soviet Union should have the clout and connections. Anton – he hoo what! A Director, on behalf of which it is possible to misappropriate socialist property. Finally, the Director himself – not only begins to find out where the kid’s area, who gave him, etc., but rather lovely smiles – that’s a dexterous lad is growing. And the audience understand that “their” any Soviet Director that you want to allow to take out from the enterprise.

In this short episode the whole Scoop with all its complex system of interpersonal relations – at a glance. And the film was shot, again, for children. That is logical – in the Soviet Union, the Soviet child must learn not only crap about the construction of communism, which he wrapped in a boring pioneering training camp, but real life heart to try. Good movie. I have it in my childhood several times watched. And also very much like to build a helicopter. But I had a friend Director Ivan, using his friendship with whom one could freely pass through the checkpoint any scarce materials.

And summed up the theme that opened the movie “the Fifth quarter”, almost twenty years later, heroine of the Soviet film “Adam’s Rib” (1990) which formulated the same idea in a somewhat more straightforward – “communism is when every Soviet person has a friend, a butcher.” In fact, in the context of Soviet life the clout and acquaintances were allowed to arrange for himself such local communism, when “You are the host not a guest drag from work every nail”. And most importantly – free.

Today, I have everything.


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