Stavropol Cossacks were allowed to wear civilian weapons and to use force


Ставропольским казакам разрешили носить гражданское оружие и применять силу

In the Stavropol region adopted amendments to the local laws that allow members of the Cossack warriors to carry and use equipment for personal protection and civilian self-defence weapons and to use physical force while on duty.

One of the authors of the amendment, the Chairman of Committee of regional Duma of the Cossacks, security, inter-parliamentary relations and public associations Yury Gontar considers that the implementation of the law will allow full use of Cossacks in patrolling.

“Before, they couldn’t engage in combat when in danger to others. Now everything will change”, – transfers its words “the Russian newspaper”.

Also Gontar noted that the use of traumatic and gas pistols and tasers will be specified by the regulations of the police. In addition, the Cossacks-combatants were allowed to use force not only in the line of duty, but in his spare time, in case of threat to life and health.

Earlier regional legislation gave members of the Cossack warriors the right to carry and use means of personal protection and civilian self-defense weapons while on duty, as well as all other citizens. However, the new version of the document aims to bring regional legislation into conformity with the Federal.

“The question is how the Cossacks declared these rights will use. Complaints against them, to put it mildly, illegal behavior is not uncommon. And in their hands is not only permitted self-defense weapon, but a baseball bat with whips”, – explained in the commentary edition of the lawyer Andrei Sabinin.


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