Station Lies driven Resguardo and the police with guns


На станцию Шиес согнали Росгвардию и полицию с оружием

In the Arkhangelsk region to the station Shies, where regional authorities plan to build a landfill for debris Moscow, has arrived a train with soldiers and police Regardie. Activists who oppose the landfill and blocking the road to the station, waiting for the storm, writes “Novaya Gazeta”.

As told the participant of the protests, Deputy Chairman of the ecological organization “Committee to save Pechora” Ivan Ivanov, the security forces on two KAMAZ trucks arrived from Arkhangelsk. In the village of Vychegda they boarded boxcars and landed in Cheese. The soldiers are carrying shields, helmets and weapons.

Eco-volunteers on duty at the gate near the road, on Lies and not let the trucks into the station to prevent the construction of garbage landfill. Volunteers are afraid of provocations and detentions in connection with the arrival of the security forces. Earlier, activists seized the wagons and turned their tents, several people were arrested, writes the Telegram-channel “North-West. MBH media”.

Sees profit armed resguardar. The defenders of the camp activists are expecting штурм

— The new Paper (@novaya_gazeta) April 30, 2019.


April 30 at 6:15 on #Sees profit of about 20 people to the police. Later, in a boxcar of riot police arrived. As the author writes video, “uniforms they have serious. Shields, weapons, and ammunition”

— #Sies news (@pnparh) April 30, 2019.

Construction of landfill for MSW from Moscow and the Moscow region is at the station Shies July 2018. The people of the region since the end of August go to rallies and other protest actions, demanding to close the building, and the Governor of Orlov, strongly supported this project, to send in his resignation.

Once in March in the district of Chiesa clashes between activists and truck drivers in the region started a total persecution of activists, they were detained, they searched. 8 April in Arkhangelsk there was held a regular detention of about a dozen environmental activists who have joined an indefinite action. And on 28 April, the activists created a human shield, preventing the passage of fuel tankers with fuel for the builders landfill.

In the Moscow Department of housing explained that the 14 existing landfills of the Moscow region can’t take all the garbage of the capital, they barely cover their own needs of the region. And Moscow every year throws away nearly 8 million tons of household waste and 2.4 million tonnes of bulky waste.

Arkhangelsk region was chosen for the implementation of the garbage project for a number of reasons. Among them is the availability of transport infrastructure, low population density and climatic conditions. The local government has already approved the project, under which waste from Moscow will be transported by rail to the landfill near the railway station Lies in Lensky district of the Arkhangelsk region. Preparation for construction is already in full swing.



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