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Звезды, между которыми завязалась настоящая вражда. ФотоNothing human is alien to them.

If you have decided to arrange a star party first, examine our list of warring celebrities and never (never!) don’t invite these guys along. Why? Read below.

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey

Звезды, между которыми завязалась настоящая вражда. Фото

Producers of the 12th season of the show American Idol (2013) apparently was not aware of the relationship between the two dives when he was invited both to the jury. Or, conversely, subtly calculated, how much attention will be focused on the project because of squabbles artists. Carey believed Minaj Frank the freak, which is not able to evaluate talent adequately. Every time Nicky expressed their opinion about one or another party, Carey could not hide the irritation, which Minaj tore shooting, just leaving the Studio. Mariah insisted that “this mad” threatened to shoot her and Nicky, in turn, called a colleague, “her bloody Highness”.

A few years later, Mariah said that her feud with Minaj was fiction producers. Like it or not, none of the artists in the juried shows was no longer invited.

Tina fey and Paris Hilton

Звезды, между которыми завязалась настоящая вражда. Фото

Over the years the sharp-tongued Tina fey quarreled with many American celebrities. Of course, someone eventually forgives charming comedienne, and in silence put some fairies in the black list. But when Tina fey crossed the road, Paris Hilton, Hollywood is a sound of thunder.

In 2005, Paris Hilton appeared on the show “Saturday night live” actress is Tina. According to faye, Paris was absolutely horrible guest. To be more precise, the opinion of fairies was: “She’s a piece of shit.” Hilton surprised Tina stupidity, but more a TV star offended that Paris did not know the leading actors of the show, a guest who was going to be.

The attacks did not end. In 2017 after the release of the video transgender singer Kim Petras, which starred Paris, Tina said: “After Paris because of her disgusting buildup on the floor the remains of the torn plastic hair.”

Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith

Звезды, между которыми завязалась настоящая вражда. Фото

In 2009, rolling out the film Director Kevin Smith’s “COP out”, where the main role was played by Bruce Willis. Before filming, the Director said that he would be happy to work with Bruce, but fate had other plans for this Duo. In the first days of work Smith has sharply changed the opinion about the actor. The film was hard, and Bruce Willis has complicated the process of its complete indifference to the fate of the project. The only thing that troubled the actor, is the fee, and the concerns of the Director, Willis called whining. Smith failed to make his star a good game. The film flopped at the box office, and critics called the painting “rotten”.

Charlie sheen and Blair Selma

Звезды, между которыми завязалась настоящая вражда. Фото

Actor Charlie sheen, who played a major role in the series “anger Management”, in real life, unable to cope with the emotions. During the filming of the show between Charlie and his colleague, actress Salmai Blair, broke the scandal. The conflict was caused by the comments of Selma about the lack of professionalism of Charlie. The actor could not stand the criticism and gave the producers an ultimatum: either he Salma. In the end, the shooting continued without Blair.

Despite the victory, Shin still can’t forgive Salmo. In 2017, the air show Watch What Happens Shin said that would throw the actress to the curb. And with it “the bitch Rihanna and Actresses Jennifer grey and Jenny McCarthy”. Something tells us that this is not a complete list of enemies Charlie sheen…

Tom hardy and Charlize Theron

Звезды, между которыми завязалась настоящая вражда. Фото

Despite the fact that the movie “Mad Max: fury Road” (2015) was a huge success, shooting still gave trouble to the actors. In the midst of rage turned out to be Tom hardy and Charlize Theron. After painting, the actress admitted that she was difficult to work with hardy and it is unlikely to agree to another joint project with the actor. In defense of the actress the film is directed by George Miller added that hardy, in principle, not develop relationships with people. For example, on the set of the drama “the Most drunk district in the world” in 2012, hardy had a fight with the young Shia LaBeouf. “That’s right – confirms hardy. – I’m uneasy.”


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