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Звезды, окружившие себя охранниками. ФотоThey don’t leave home without guards.

We often think that life of celebrities is perfect, however, it has serious flaws. Famous people can rarely afford to spend the day alone, because they are almost everywhere accompanied by bodyguards. And if some stars missing one guard, then there are those who prefer around the clock to surround himself with a retinue. Sometimes celebrities go too far in relation to its security.

We will talk about protected the artists and about the power of security guards to protect their customers.

1. Beyonce and Jay-Z

Звезды, окружившие себя охранниками. Фото

The famous couple has been under attack by crazed fans. During their summer tour On the Run on stage climbed the drunk fan and very scared of the stars, but fortunately, the guard quickly detained the young man. It was during this tour it was decided to strengthen security measures.

The pair has surrounded himself with a guard of 500 people. Some were with Beyonce, Jay-Z and their daughter around the clock, about 300 employees were in the crowd at concerts by preventing dangerous moments, and 50 people vigilant to the stage. In ordinary life a few carefully protect the three bodyguards, led by Julius de Boer – one of the most famous security.

2. Tom Cruise

Звезды, окружившие себя охранниками. Фото

“Tom cruise” is one of the most popular search queries in Google. Realising their popularity, Hollywood actor surrounds himself with the best bodyguards. Long cruise, his wife and daughter Suri were guarded by an imposing two-meter Sean Ringgold, who recently turned actor.

Another well-known security guard, mark Billingham, a former sniper and special forces officer guards the star along with his team, whose members are more like menacing look on action hero.

3. Angelina Jolie

Звезды, окружившие себя охранниками. Фото

The star mom of six children three guards. For a long time the protection of children involved in mark Billingham, who later became the bodyguard Tom cruise. After years of work, the guard so close with the actress and her children, which was the Trustees Jolie and a great support for her during her divorce from brad pitt. The annual cost of the protection of Jolie and her children costs more than $ 2 million.

4. Rihanna

Звезды, окружившие себя охранниками. Фото

At official events there is Rihanna with 5 guards in sharp suits. On ordinary days, the singer prefers to go with two defenders. It is known that she has several informal and friendly relations with the bodyguards. Sometimes they wear a star on his hands, if it’s snowing or the singer is tired, and put it on his shoulders at parties and concerts.

5. Kendrick Lamar

Звезды, окружившие себя охранниками. Фото

A famous rap artist rarely appears on the pages of glossy magazines and tries to lead a private life. On a few photos of the singer can be seen in the company of three beefy men, protecting the star from all sides. This summer while Hiking in Australia paparazzi captured Lamar on a walk surrounded by security guards, one of which created a furor in social networks. Kendrick can be completely calm next to his bodyguard.

6. Lady Gaga

Звезды, окружившие себя охранниками. Фото

Lady Gaga has millions of fans, and some of them are really obsessed with her. In any public place, the singer is surrounded by four tall men of athletic form in strict black suits.

They are often stopped by fans, rush to a celebrity to get an autograph. However, in addition to efficiency, the singer appreciates and external quality bodyguards. So, Peter van der Veen – one of the former guards, who worked with her for many years – bodybuilder and winner of the “Mr. Europe – 2005”.

7. David and Victoria Beckham

Звезды, окружившие себя охранниками. Фото

The famous couple is incredibly popular among fans, so they have to be surrounded by bodyguards. To meet the kids from school, David goes on the road on a luxury armored Rolls-Royce accompanied by two cars with security. The player himself admits that he dreams of a walk in the Park with your family without other people, but understands that their safety is paramount.

8. Britney Spears

Звезды, окружившие себя охранниками. Фото

Bodyguards protect the singer from Intrusive photographers and fans round the clock. In 2014, Britney was so afraid of the persecution of his former young man that instantly strengthen the protection. She hired two more security guards who are on duty every day.

The star was asked to follow closely the guy, he was forbidden to appear not just near, but in the same city where it is located. Celebrity different kind of character, so many employees complain about the increased complexity of their work: you had to endure the antics of the mistress and to solve problems.

9. Jennifer Aniston

Звезды, окружившие себя охранниками. Фото

Jennifer not for a moment remains without protection. Shopping the actress walks in the company with his imposing bodyguard, not down the face with his mistress. The star was escorted by three men-guards, protecting the actress from Intrusive photographers and fans.

10. Drake

Звезды, окружившие себя охранниками. Фото

Security guards of the famous musician have a mixed reputation. For the safety of the rapper’s bodyguards are ready for everything, even the fights with photographers or fans. From December 2018, the Drake beefed up security at home because of the conflict with Kanye West, who lives nearby. In addition, the guard set before the gates of a large, armored SUV, protecting the entry.

11. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Звезды, окружившие себя охранниками. Фото

After the robbery, the famous couple stepped up security measures. Kim now walks around and travels in the company of three bodyguards. West, who had preferred to walk alone or with only one guard, now also surrounded by three large men. Now the stars move in an armored car, and security of their home costs the couple $ 1.5 million.


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