Stand in the courtyards will have for the money. What threatens the drivers of the new law


Стоять во дворах придется за деньги. Чем грозит водителям новый закон

 Стоять во дворах придется за деньги. Чем грозит водителям новый законPhoto by Alexander Tarasenkova / inter / TASS

A new law allows you to create paid Parking zone in the local area. But there are other innovations that can seriously affect the lives of motorists


The sensational bill “About the traffic organisation in the Russian Federation” was adopted in the third and final reading. It will enter into force one year after approval by the President and official publication, i.e., until January 2019. I have carefully studied it and built the list of prohibitions and restrictions encountered by motorists after the entry into force of this document.

Paid Parking in the yards

The wording of article 12 “Requirements for Parking in common use” are so vague that Parking for General use, in fact, is any place where you can put the car. The wording of article 13, “Requirements for paid Parking” contain only one clear requirement for the territory in which organized paid Parking, should be marked with road signs and markings should also be automated payment system. As we can see, theoretically, this mechanism leads to Parking pay anywhere, including in the courts. However, in part 2 of article 13 States that the law of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation paid Parking in the yards can be prohibited. Or may not be.



We should also mention that the law in the part of the Park as “the Park Keeper”, which refers to the owner of the land on which this Parking organised. Now, many are in the illusion that the yard is the property of the residents of an apartment building. But it is not. To dissociate the territory, you need to spend a lot of energy. Many solutions for surveying — judicial. By default, the land on which is placed a yard, owned by the city. Therefore, if you want the owner of this land, i.e. town, Parking in this area could be paid. Residents even ask do not have.

The ban on entry of vehicles

Part 8 of article 11 entitles the Supreme Executive bodies of the Russian Federation or local governments to impose temporary or permanent ban on the travel of vehicles according to different criteria:

below a certain environmental class (e.g. a ban on travel, if the machine has less environmental class “Euro-4”);

– in the absence of passengers (for example, the ban on travel, if the passengers in the car less than two);

– the type of vehicle (e.g., a ban on truck traffic);

– on the day of the week or time of day (for example, travel on Tuesdays prohibited);

At the same time, alternatively continue to offer bike paths and public transport. What about those who travel on the vehicles of the goods, the bill is not reported.

It is the owners of industrial enterprises, which intensively use roads to deliver goods and raw materials, have very much to think about. After the ban on travel of the trucks may be imposed by the local government without giving any alternative. Because the roads in our country are very few, almost always to enterprise’s road to production only. And, if the ban on the transportation of freight transport, it will actually stop production and will quickly lead to bankruptcy.

To sum up, the most odious point about paid entrance to the city from the bill was removed. However, in the hands of officials the tools that can be used for raids, when the only way production can be blocked without providing alternatives, and to combat congestion by imposing restrictions on entry. Wary needs and those who live outside the city and commutes to work on the old car. Because the ban could be formulated thus: it is forbidden to enter the city from 07:00 to 11:00 all vehicles without passengers. Or for example: it is forbidden to enter the city from 07:00 to 21:00 at the car from an ecological class below Euro-4. In this case, do the people who bought a house or apartment in the mortgage? The question, of course, rhetorical.


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