Stallone’s visit to Russia was cancelled


Famous actor caught in a scandal the fault of the organizers of the event.

Famous actor popular action films of the 90s caught in a scandal in the Russian Federation.

Reportedly, Sylvester had to spend in the capital of Russia master class “Bridging”. A couple of days before the event was stopped the sale of tickets, and later, the organizers informed all about cancellation of action. Stallone fans shocked, as many have bought expensive tickets and return the money to them no one is going.

After the cancellation of the event on the Internet spread rumors that the event was allegedly cancelled by the fault of the organizers who wanted to put a celebrity in the hotel for free. We also learned that the interview with the star were worth 80 thousand dollars.

Many users in the network are sure that the actor doesn’t even know about his visit to Moscow that the event was organized by the fraudsters with the purpose of easy money.


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