Stalinism in Kiev


Сталинизм на Киевской

skif_tag I wrote a post that someone found some changes composition on one of the panels on Kievskaya station in Moscow. Here is what he wrote: «In Moscow at metro station “Kiev” after the restoration of Ukrainian maiden lost flower wreath, but she has a head there was a handkerchief…”. In the photo at the beginning of the post you can see these changes. Don’t know who noticed this straightening, but whoever it was, he saw not all. And after the restoration work, which took place at the station “Kiev” Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line a couple of years ago, there is not only the wreath is replaced by a handkerchief. There are far more interesting changes.

First, a little information for those who were not in Moscow. In the Moscow metro has as many as three of the station “Kiev” Circle station “Kiev” Filevskaya line and station “Kiev” Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line. Muscovites in conversations (e.g., scheduling) to their positioner.yut: Kievskaya-ring, Kyiv on the blue line (Filyovskaya line on the metro map historically marked by a line in blue) and Kiev to dark blue (the colors denote the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line in the diagram).

All three stations, as the name implies, is decorated in traditional Ukrainian motifs. Especially “Kiev Navy blue”, on which there was a transformation of the wreath in a handkerchief. Station “Kiev” Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line was opened on 5 April 1953, ie a month after the death of Stalin. And then Stalin? The question is legitimate. For answer let us turn from generalities to the study exhibits.

Look carefully here on this panel – one of the 24 that adorn the lobby of the station Kyiv-dark blue.

Сталинизм на Киевской

What we see here? Two cheerful young men and not less cheerful girl between them out of a monumental building, perhaps the building of the Kyiv University, and maybe some other Kiev University. Panels, by the way, is called “Students”. But what the book holds in hands a girl with such a soulful face and eyes looking to the Communist future? Let’s take a closer look at what is written on the cover of the book.

Сталинизм на Киевской

Read? If that’s not enough close-up, zooms in a bit.

Сталинизм на Киевской

On the cover of the coarsely written the name of the author. And, apparently, in the Ukrainian spelling – “I. STALIN»

And you say flowers, handkerchiefs. Immediately after the restoration, which took three years, starting in 2012, all of a sudden the book appeared the name of Stalin. And nobody and didn’t blink. The restoration, by the way, had art restorers, OOO “Creative workshops “Kitezh”” Simagin and M. V. Ivanov. Michael Semagin, by the way, was born in 1963 in East Germany, apparently, to a military family. Vladimir Ivanov, officially “Born June 13, 1956, in the city of Vladivostok of Primorsky Krai in the family of military and medical workers.”. According to my observations, people from this social strata and about this age group love to flood on the Internet “For the Motherland! for Stalin!»

On the other hand, if Simagin and M. V. Ivanov, and in fact belong to very large, but very mobile group crazy town, labeled as Internet Stalinists, they could not themselves simply so to take and write on the book what they wanted.

On the one hand – and why not? Well, there is the crush going to read what is written on the book? 99.9% of those who have this station, anywhere I look, except his feet, not to fall in the crush. So, theoretically, this inscription – “I. STALIN” – can be exceptionally impromptu Simagina and M. V. Ivanov.

A reasonable question, and how this picture looked before the restoration. And here is what it looked like:

Сталинизм на Киевской

I have, unfortunately, no more big photos – didn’t think useful – but it can be seen that the inscription “I. STALIN” on the book not. There is no inscription, but only a sort of strip which is the inscription only refers.

And here it is necessary to return to the opening date of this station – April 5, 1953. Could it be that initially a panel on the book really was written “I. STALIN”, then, after the XX Congress of the CPSU it slipped. Well, heroic Simagin and M. V. Ivanov during the restoration it was rebuilt, on its own initiative or at the request of metro, is not clear. Yes, most likely it was so.

This is not the first case when, after the restoration of the return “original” view of the station and that the original form – Oh, accidentally! – it turns out had Stalin’s name. For example, it has been restored to “original view” in the entrance vestibule of the station “Kurskaya”. This happened even when the now deceased former head of the Moscow metro Dmitry V. Gaeva and on his own initiative. Then, as you know, was a scandal. This Amateur is named after Stalin turned out to be banal bribe in especially large sizes, stealing from underground of 112 million rubles (Gaev has issued over patents for various technical innovations created by metro). Stalinist guys, as you know, fled from Russia to a Swiss clinic to correct the nerves in connection with the investigation into his activities. There he died in 2012. Disassembly and Gevim, by the way, became one of the first major acts of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

But God is with him, and Gevim. But in General, these are all the people that are the and there on the sly trying to write Stalin’s name and very happy when they do it, like children who are trying to draw in public places obscene pictures and RUB their palms whenever they manage to raise the IRE of the teacher, found on the blackboard this picture. What a joy I do not understand.

But what is really interesting to me. Why are these people who seem so important to the recovery of erased stories and artifacts of Stalin’s bloody rule, be deprived of the right to assess Stalin, millions of Soviet people who sincerely and joyfully welcomed the destruction of Stalin’s personality cult. I’d like to remind the current fools that Stalin was not discredited Yeltsin and the Liberals and do not even Gorbachev. The struggle with the cult of personality of Stalin began a sincere Communists who were, incidentally, the people closest to Stalin. And how could it be otherwise? Because Stalin for all his violent political activities destroyed most of the Communists and, by the way, the KGB (which under Stalin was millet expendable pawns). Stalin’s name was cursed Khrushchev? But if he didn’t have the support of millions of Communists and ordinary Soviet workers, even Khrushchev would not make a sound. And look how it turned out.

So those who today without any public discussion – that is to say, smuggled – in public places, restore the inscriptions and pictures with references to Stalin, thus just extremely disrespectful to the millions of Soviet people, who decided to throw in the dustbin of history the name of this villain, whose activities have claimed the lives of millions of people in our country.

And most importantly – why? That’s the main question that will not answer Simagin and M. V. Ivanov and all the other “art restorers”. That will change the fact that somewhere will be restored baleen bas-relief with a low sloping forehead or on any picture in the book shows “I. STALIN”? What changed in your life? But in life what will change? The answer is obvious – nothing.

However – and I think this version is the most credible since the restoration of the station “Kiev” Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line was held at a time when there was the famous Ukrainian events, perhaps the appearance of the inscription “I. STALIN” the book was kind of “our answer to Chamberlain”. “Oh, you are the monuments to Lenin bring down, and we you at the Kiev station of Stalin write, and even Ukrainian. That joke that will”. Well in that case it is not treated. I’m talking about this type of creatures already wrote.

Here is such a Stalinism in Kiev. And you say – wreath-handkerchief.


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