Stadiums of the 2018 world Cup will only accept Visa cards


На стадионах ЧМ-2018 будут принимать только карты Visa

Visa is the General sponsor of FIFA, so the only cards of this payment system you can pay at the stadiums that will host matches of the world Cup. FAS has not found any violations.

Payment acceptance Visa cards exclusively in the stadiums of the FIFA world Cup 2018 in Russia did not violate antitrust laws since the implementation of the agreements with FIFA is not recognized as unfair competition, reported “Interfax” the Deputy head of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) Andrey Kashevarov.


“Therefore, FIFA and FIFA authorized organizations have the right to determine the contractors, including the payment system, to represent individual property rights, established by the Antimonopoly law, the prohibition does not apply to the actions of FIFA and FIFA authorized organizations for the implementation of these rights”, – said the Deputy head of the FAS.


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