Spy satellites: the Germans are planning to build a space exploration


Спутники-шпионы: немцы планируют создать космическую разведкуA new system called Georg allocated 400 million euros.

Germany plans to launch up to three spy satellites, the data of which will be to the German Federal intelligence service (BND). On 4 November 2017, according to DW.

Noted that the budget Committee of the German Bundestag gave the green light to the allocation of the first € 400 million on the planned system called Georg. The group is engaged in the discussion and acceptance of secret funding proposals of the German secret service.

The project rationale lies in the fact that the BND needs to be able to “quickly and independently to gather information, to provide independent and current assessment of the situation”. Since the German intelligence service has to buy the necessary materials on the commercial market or to appeal to the international partners.

Reportedly, Airbus and OHB have allegedly offered their suggestions to produce the planned system. At the same time, the project was criticized by representatives of the German Left party. According to them, the Bundeswehr already have a similar system, which “can probably be more optimized,” said Vice-Chairman of the Bundestag Committee for control over the intelligence services, andré Hahn.

Earlier, German intelligence warned of a possible foreign, particularly Russian involvement in the coalition negotiations in Germany.


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