SPIEF-2018: Russia is a point of stability for the European business


ПМЭФ-2018: Россия является пунктом стабильности для европейского бизнеса

At the St. Petersburg international economic forum appeared an increased interest of European business to Russia. That is, the effect which is expected of the school, just the opposite: anti-Russian sanctions expand, the interest in the Russian economy is growing.

Increasing attention is being paid to Russia, which is especially noticeable in this year’s St. Petersburg international economic forum, said the head of the Fund “Know Eurasia” and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banca Intesa Antonio Fallico. According to him, delegations from Germany, France, Italy, compared with the previous forums, not only increased the number of participants, but also their quality. Simply put, SPIEF came a large number of the first persons of the large companies. Moreover, active participation of the Italian representatives at the session dedicated to innovation and new technologies, shows that interest in Russia is huge.

Fallico gave your answer to the question why this is so. In his opinion, is to look from a political point of view — many entrepreneurs today are disoriented, confused, and Russia for them is a point of stability, or the point from which you can dance and assess the situation. Besides, as said Fallico, very pleased with the interest of the Russian government in the development of new technologies. He believes that, for example, digitalisation can improve the quality of life and to give impetus to the economy, so the innovation you need to pay close attention.

The expert also assessed the attitudes of the European business, which had to adapt to a policy of import substitution in Russia. However, she in some sectors, including agriculture, has acquired a fairly rigid form. As noted by Fallico, the Russian import substitution program in response to the sanctions was a correct measure, which greatly contributed to the growth of industrial production in Russia. At the same time, judging by the way the Italian company has responded and established a joint Russian production, a new trend is a positive phenomenon.

We can say that the President of the Russian Federation, and Ministers clearly see in which direction to develop the economy we need to move our country. And successfully moving towards the goal. This is indicated by the foreigners, and by, as they say, know better. An example of this can serve not only close attention to the accent of the Russian government on innovation, but the ability to properly navigate even in difficult situations, as in the case of import substitution. And at such a major event as the SPIEF, it is possible to fully perform done, to summarize the results and coordinate the next steps.


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