Spectacular train journey through the burning forest, caught on video


Зрелищный проезд поезда через горящий лес попал на видео Unusual video appeared on the Network.

There was a video which depicted a train going right through the burning forest.

It is known that the incident took place near Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Only in the Khabarovsk territory now blaze 3 thousand hectares, while in Russia the total area of burning forests account for more than 66 thousand hectares.

The author of the video explains that filmed it on his camera phone from the cab. Unusual frames to demonstrate how the composition goes on is shrouded in smoke railway. At some point, the train passes through a particularly thick cloud of smoke and is in close proximity to flames that are suitable close to the rails.

The video had to fly on many domestic and even foreign websites. Users of the world wide web called the incident a “trip to hell” and hope that the forest fires in our country will soon be eliminated, and such extreme shooting will never happen again.


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