Spectacular footage of the collision of two galaxies


Зрелищные кадры столкновения двух галактикBeautiful.

The Hubble telescope has sent to Earth the next pictures.

This time the spacecraft was able to capture the scenic spectacle called “cart Wheel”: a smaller galaxy passed through the larger, creating a shock wave that led to the intense star formation.

Galaxy Wheel is at a distance of half a billion light-years from Earth in the constellation Sculptor. The space the object occupies a huge space, equal to 150 thousand light years. At some point in the past, a small galaxy passed through the larger one. As a result of the shock waves of the collision formed a huge ring, exceeding the size of the milky Way almost twice. Around the ring is located in blue region of intense star formation. To capture the moment managed the space telescope Hubble.

Scientists say that in four billion years of galactic collision will pass through the milky Way.


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