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Особенная ерунда


What’s unprecedented hype going on with football? Why is he special? Why is it necessary to spend billions? Football is just one sports. Not worse, but not better than all the rest. So why is it the world Cup the same training and cost as the Olympics? Why in relation to other sports such hype can not see.


It is necessary to think that the President has released a video: almost like a new year’s greetings. Is that a PR? He once again wants to prove to the West that he is good and it should be taken as my own? Better let them convince the citizens that he is a good President for his country. And yet the opposite is happening. Gasoline prices are rising, raise the retirement age.

I, as a resident of a country did not need all this dust in the eyes. Especially for the fabulous price. Much more important to me not to raise the retirement age. But if the government has no money to fulfil social obligations, what the hell to put billions on nonsense.



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