Spanish biologists discovered two-headed shark


Испанские биологи обнаружили двуглавую акулуIn the Mediterranean sea discovered a unique population of two-headed sharks

Since then, as he released the acclaimed film “Jaws”, people have been subconsciously scared of shark attacks, although they are quite rare.

And here is the latest discovery by scientists will only worsen these fears.

Marine biologists in Spain found the reality of a two-headed shark. It is not the only case with which they are faced.

In fact, these sharks appear more often, which should cause shivers on the back of a man.
These sharks reproduce via eggs, not live birth like other species of sharks.

Thus, it is likely that there is a lot of eggs of two-headed sharks.

Here is the two-headed shark fetus.

Scientists found that germ of a shark with two heads in the Western Mediterranean. This Atlantic cat shark.

Also was discovered and a live specimen, which was found in the same area of the Spanish marine biologists.

They live about 1000-2000 feet below the surface of the water, therefore, most likely, they do not approach swimmers and divers.

They seem to appear more often, and scientists are not sure that it’s just a coincidence and not a systematic phenomenon.

Испанские биологи обнаружили двуглавую акулу
Испанские биологи обнаружили двуглавую акулу
Испанские биологи обнаружили двуглавую акулу


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