Spain will open a unique attraction


В Испании откроется уникальная достопримечательностьThe grotto is a major tourist attraction for the municipality.

In Malaga for visitors will discover a unique underground cave Cueva de La Victoria.

At the moment a prehistoric cave in Rincon de La Victoria, where you found the pictures of the first European fishermen, closed to tourists, but in the first months of 2019 the situation will change, says According to officials, the grotto is a major tourist attraction for the municipality. The authorities hope that the region will be popular due to not only a beach holiday but also a cultural component.

Cueva de La Victoria is known thanks to archaeological finds, including the ancient household items, as well as petroglyphs left by more than 13 500 years ago. According to the plan of the City Council, the day underground attraction will be able to visit no more than 30 tourists. Inside will be put in groups of 10 people. Two of them will see the ancient drawings in the early morning and one after lunch. Access to the grotto will be allowed only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The duration of the tour accompanied by a specialist will be about an hour. Such limitations of power is explained by the desire to preserve the environment. In the future cave in Malaga intend to propose for inclusion in the world heritage List of UNESCO.

The most famous cave in Spain in which are preserved ancient paintings, Altamira is considered to be 30 km from Santander. The grotto with the length of 270 meters was discovered in the late nineteenth century. Later the cave was nicknamed the Sistine chapel of the stone age. Its ceiling is covered with images of several dozen animals, including bulls, deer and horses. Visit the attractions are limited. Times a week it can visit no more than 5 tourists accompanied by specialists. Interestingly, those who go on a cave tour, choose by lottery from among the visitors to the Museum of Altamira on Friday. To qualify, you must purchase the entrance ticket to the Museum until 10:30.


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