Spain will build a “smart city”. Photo


В Испании построят «умный город». ФотоIt became known, how it will look.

Europe’s first smart city will be opened in Spain in 2023. The project of sustainable development is built from scratch and will run on solar energy.

Declared as a residential and tourist destination, Elysium City will have its own high-speed rail station, theme Park Disney-style, football stadium for 40 000 seats, a few resorts and much more.

Created by the former head of Walt Disney, John and Cora and Cora developed Alpha, Elysium City will become the first major smart and sustainable city in Europe, designed and constructed in accordance with the 17 sustainable development Goals of the United Nations, according to Bark.

Located in Castilblanco in Extremadura, which once was regarded as Eurodisney, smart city will be built in two separate phases.

The first stage will begin in 2023 and will include four hotels with a casino, Aqua Park and theme Park in the style of Disney’s high-speed train station, shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, an 18-hole Golf course, a sports stadium for 40 000 seats, data center and other city services. It is planned to 2000 residential units. The surrounding landscape will be transformed into bike paths and nature trails, and the Marina will take advantage of the Garcia Sola reservoir.

In the second phase, due to begin in 2028, there will be new luxury hotels, an equestrian centre and race track Formula 1.

Plans to introduce high-speed rail station. The image Bark Alfarrobeira say that Elysium will focus on the design construction and operation that promote “stability, efficiency, and quality of life.” The city will work on gigabytes free high-speed Wi-Fi and will be equipped with intelligent street infrastructure on solar, smart lampposts and bus stops and green coffee carts. Smart kiosks can also be found throughout the city that provide transit schedules, real-time weather forecasts and warnings.

During the first year of operation the project expects to attract 4.5 million visitors.

В Испании построят «умный город». Фото
В Испании построят «умный город». Фото


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