Spain is the first semifinalist of the Eurobasket-2017


Spain is not without problems put the squeeze on the Germans and made it to the semifinals of the European championship in basketball.

At the start of the quarterfinals the Spaniards missed the jerk 2:11, but gradually leveled the game. Germany, despite the loss of the advantage due to the activity of Dennis Schroder not only stayed in the game, but allowed himself a small jerk.

The climax of the match came in the third quarter – in the middle of the 10-minute the Germans were “+4”, but missed the jerk 19:3 and broke up and hopes for a sensational breakthrough in the semi-finals of the European championship.

Who knows what would have ended this match, if Spain was not the brothers Gasol. Pau gave usual strong game, but he became the hero. Marc Gasol practically single-handedly initiated the leap – center for Memphis in the decisive third quarter scored 15 points and converted 4 of 6 shots.

For a place in the finals of Eurobasket 2017 current Champions of the continent will compete with the winner of an intriguing evening of the match between Slovenia and Latvia.

Germany – Spain 72:84 (19:16, 14:18, 20:31, 19:19)

Germany: Schroeder (27 + 8 assists),Thijs (15), Lo (9).
Spain: M. Gasol (28 + 10 rebounds + 4 assists + 2 blocked shots), P. Gasol (19)Rodriguez (11 + 7 assists).


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