Spain has imposed huge fines for violating quarantine


In Spain from the coronavirus died 19 315.

In Spain for violation of the quarantine will be fined in the amount of 10.4 million euros. Authorities imposed an unprecedented huge fines to curb the spread of the deadly disease, reports the with reference to Country.

According to the document, the penalty for violating quarantine for residents of Spain is from 600 (about 17.7 thousand hryvnias) up to 30 000 euros (almost 307 thousand UAH).

Clarifies that a trip to the country, walk with children or with the company without good reason will cost 1,500 euros (more than 44 thousand hryvnia). If the offender tries to hide his identity during the arrest, the penalty is 700-1500 euros, and if he threatens the police to resort to violence or, for example, tries to organize or participate in mass events (a party), the amount of the fine will increase to 10 400 euros.

“The instruction recommends that the police be specified in the Protocol and reaction of the perpetrator. Note the competent authority should be recorded disrespect, bragging, rudeness, insults or threats,” the article says.

Recall that Spain is in second place in the world in the number of reported cases of coronavirus — infected 184 there were 948 people. Died from disease 19 315.


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