Spain decided to rebury the remains of a famous dictator


В Испании решили перезахоронить останки известного диктатора176 deputies voted for the initiative.

The Spanish Parliament voted to exhume the remains of dictator Francisco Franco’s mausoleum in the valley of the Fallen near Madrid, where are buried the victims of the Civil war of 1936-1939.

It is noted that 176 MPs voted for the initiative, 165 abstained, two voted against it. The socialist government hopes that the decision will reassure the society that the reign of dictator-fascist is still a trauma.

The Prime Minister of Spain Pedro sánchez called Parliament’s decision “historic.”

“Justice. Memory. Dignity. Today Spain took a historic step to restore the rights of victims of francoism. Today our democracy has become better,” he wrote on Twitter.

Francisco Franco – one of the organizers of the military coup of 1936, which led to a civil war between Republicans and nationalists in Spain. Leading the anti-Republican forces, after the victory in the war, he received full control of the country, setting right the authoritarian regime, known as Franco’s Spain.


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