SpaceX is preparing to expand Space center Kennedy


SpaceX готовится расширить Космический центр имени КеннедиControl tower with a height of 91 meters allow you to monitor missile launches from the two launch pads.

Company SpaceX is preparing to expand the Space centre Kennedy in Florida and build a command center.

Now SpaceX and NASA are discussing a construction plan documents of the expertise already available in the public libraries of the state.

According to the plans detailed in the draft environmental assessment, SpaceX will conduct a significant expansion of its facilities at the space center very soon. It is planned that the company will build the Mask control center, hangar with an area of 133, 000 square feet (12 square meters) and “Rocket garden”, a kind of Museum for tourists.

Control tower with a height of 91 meters allow you to monitor missile launches from the two launch pads — 39A at the Kennedy Center and 40 at the U.S. air force Base at Cape Canaveral. The building is very futuristic and is clearly distinguishable from other structures of the center.

The survey does not contain the time or budget for construction of the complex or estimates of the number of jobs created.

The extension will allow SpaceX to store and recover a large number of Falcon launchers and nose cones directly in the operation center.

“The frequency of launches and plan missions from Florida will continue to grow, so we need to expand our capabilities. We strive to optimize operations at launch, landing and transfer to our Falcon family of rockets”, — said the representative of SpaceX, James Gleason.

Guide the Space center is interested in this project, because it meets the plans to turn it into a spaceport, which served to not only NASA, but a lot of commercial users, as do the airports.

“Last year the bill about NASA space allows companies to expand their activities at the facilities of NASA. As a result, new objects SpaceX will be built at the Kennedy center that will bring more jobs and provide another boost to the local economy,” said U.S. democratic Senator bill Nelson.


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