SpaceX has canceled the sale of Souvenirs of the missing companion


SpaceX отменила продажу сувениров пропавшего спутникаSpaceX adds fuel to the fire with a missing companion Zuma, abolishing the sale of brand logos to mark the launch.

Head of SpaceX claims that the satellite and the carrier, everything is fine, and at the same time the company is Recalling the sale of branded Souvenirs that aroused the suspicions of experts and buyers.

As it became known, the sale is postponed as from authorized distributors and on the websites of the retailers. Similar themed logos SpaceX launches in 2015.

About the loss of memorable things with the online counters, it became known on Friday, January 12 — a week after launch. At a price of $ 7 by Friday on eBay was sold for 50 Grand. The reason SpaceX have not been announced.


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