Spaceship Starship Mask failed when tested


SN1 Starship exploded into pieces.

When testing in the us Texas snapped a prototype of the space ship Starship of the company Ilona Mask Rasah, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

During the broadcast of the test, the prototype Starship SN1 exploded into pieces.

However, as noted in the video, during the tests performed, the supercharged prototype liquid nitrogen. The result SN1 Starship burst at the bottom, but its remains flew to a height of 10-20 meters and fell.

In November 2019 the other vehicle prototype Starship Mk1 exploded when testing for leaks. Starship reusable vehicle designed to fly to the moon, Mars and other interplanetary missions, it will also perform the role of a second stage super-heavy launch vehicle BFR (Big Falcon Rocket), SpaceX is working on. The spacecraft Crew Dragon had survived the explosion of the Falcon 9


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