Space Tesla, or how “Russian space”?


Космическая Тесла, или прощай "русский космос"?

I watched the launch of the Falcon Heavy in the literal, not afraid of the word, ether. To say I’m impressed is to say nothing. Of course the car in space – it’s pop, but people like it and even in terms of visualization of the action, all designed to trifles. And simultaneous descent of the first two steps is generally something beyond fiction. Pity the Central part of the village on a barge. But as they say, to each barrel comes with its own spoon. But there are more, that I was very impressed.

Elon Musk said that the whole process of developing super-heavy rocket, the Falcon Heavy at a cost of $ 500 million. And that’s me – after the simultaneous launching of the first steps impressed the most. Why?

Well, for example, the cost of a newly built “Zenit Arena” meant to 40-50 billion rubles, at the rate of 1/60 is about 660 to $ 800 million. No, I’m not about theft of the budget, etc. – this subject has been successfully engaged in different citizens, and I’m not going to encroach on their crust. I made about something else I want to say. Well, for example, in 2016, the revenues of the company “donstroy” made up of 39.56 billion RUB, i.e. about 650-660 million dollars. Or equity capital of the company “Roscosmos” is 186 billion roubles, i.e. about 3 billion dollars. Well, I’m not going to put a boring column of numbers. Let’s just say 500 million dollars for the Russian economy is not God knows what money. Neither large private companies or to state this figure is not prohibitive. And, for example, in the construction business such budgets some are not prohibitively high.

From Oswald Spengler there is one statement, one of the few that always caused me some internal protest. In the Second volume of his great book, he writes: “Man of the West looks up, the Russian looks into the distance, to the horizon. So the impulse of both in depth should be distinguished in that the former have a passion impulse in all directions in infinite space, and the second is the alienation […] Russian astronomer – nothing more unnatural to not be. He just does not see the stars; he sees only one horizon. Instead of the heavenly dome, he sees the heavenly slope. This is something that forms somewhere away from the plain of the horizon. The Copernican system for it is ridiculous in the spiritual sense, whatever it may mean in the mathematical sense”.

Космическая Тесла, или прощай "русский космос"?

How? Russian do not see the stars? Russian astronomer is unnatural? No, I firmly could not agree. In the end, and the first satellite and Gagarin? And unprecedented enthusiasm which has a lot of photos and kinovideocentr across many Russian people after the launch of Yuri Gagarin? Against this background, the statement “Russians can’t see the stars” seems to be something contrived and far-fetched.

Космическая Тесла, или прощай "русский космос"?

Of course, if you think about it, some of the needs of the soul of the nation West and the Russian people lay in other planes. The Russians were moving outwards, capturing the vast space in the East. Western people built Gothic cathedrals, with their ran higher and higher spires (Russian bell-tower was never made particularly high). However, Western people have also not neglected the space itself – from the first Crusade until the discovery of America and build the world colonial empires, it was all spatial movement. And yet, still… the Fact that the Russians even in times of Tsialkovskogo mocked him, considering him crazy.

Космическая Тесла, или прощай "русский космос"?

In fact, the space race, the Soviet Union began only when the Communists became a) require the establishment media for the atomic charge and b) consideration of prestige. As for the enthusiasm of the masses… I think the enthusiasm had more joy from that happy life which they have promised the Communists, in fact a possible, rather than delighted by the actual conquest of space.

Космическая Тесла, или прощай "русский космос"?

Well, in fact, it took only 12 years after the terrible war, when the whole Western part of the country was turned into a heap of ruins – and here, the country is already launching a satellite into space. And after four years in space send person! So everything goes in the right direction! So the party and the government don’t lie. Now solve challenging technical problems, and there and in terms of everyday life will be sought. Hence, I think all this euphoria and a huge sincere neoficiala the joy of the people after the launch of Sputnik and Gagarin. While the technical side, the stars, travel through the universe… No, of course, there were people who were primarily interested in just that. But were there many such enthusiasts?

Космическая Тесла, или прощай "русский космос"?

I wasn’t even born when was launched the first satellite and the first man. But remember – I was a pioneer – docking of the Soviet spacecraft Soyuz and the American Apollo 15 July 1975. Some very tumultuous joy in people I don’t remember. But anyway, it discussed. In the pioneer camp, where I was to display the docking live even – a thing unheard of! – delivered TV for public viewing. But as I recall, people were impressed by the fact of demonstration of cooperation between the USSR and the USA. So really the discharge. So a nuclear war will not. Then life will be better. This is primarily in the people’s conversations. Instead of a star.

And then people began once all is calm and peaceful attitude to space flight. Speaker in the program “Time” solemnly announced the next launch, but none the next day at school and at work is not discussed. Thus, ordinary news. Even the names of the new astronauts, the men did not know. Some were even at the hearing, and some already forgotten.

And that’s all the time. What do we see? Yes, there are Roscosmos, there is a new cosmodrome “East” (built with numerous financial irregularities). There are some triggers. Something sometimes takes off successfully, something falls. When something falls – it is a flaccid discussion on the level of malice. When successful launches – it doesn’t bother anyone. Nobody.

And the government space program as if done under duress. If there is such a weary understanding that it is impossible to throw, since it spent so much time and money. But enthusiasm is not. That is all. But there is a feeling that space in Russia continue to be engaged just because of this article from the state budget, you can steal a fair amount of tenge. But it is on the upper level managers. And at the bottom? Young people do not go wide in space development. The older workers complained that factories and research institutes acute aging workforce. Is it only the fact that pay little? But if this topic is very attracted if aroused the enthusiasm of the young enthusiasts would be in droves. In the end, the comparison is painful and unpleasant, but nevertheless enthusiasts to climb on the South-East of Ukraine for little money and even without money there very much. A space we have some reason not attracted. And if you think back – how much was distributed in the 90s, and now shouting: “Yes, why do we need this space? Why should it spend that money? Build a better hospital!»

Космическая Тесла, или прощай "русский космос"?

And here we see SpaceX, Elon musk, its construction projects are actually individual missiles. And if ten years ago it seemed childish and childish prattle, but today we see the launch of a heavy rocket capable of lifting tens of tons of cargo and even want to believe it – it was capable to deliver cargo to Mars. And cost this project is $ 500 million.

And in Russia nobody even raised the question: what if we, privately, threaten to build a space rocket? After all, the economy of the state – I mean the amount of money – do not make this statement to question something absolutely fantastic. Conditional “donstroy” in principle could threaten the construction of a space rocket. And not just this company. I’m talking about the General principle, and about the priorities of the plans. But there is a massive Russian attitude to further space exploration. The lords there are – in the style requirement and moods. There are only dull the Russian space Agency, which is engaged in space like a galley slave.

Yes, on the one hand, we were raised with. We were raised with, saying that only “native party and the government,” stripped and Razov the whole country, putting all the people on starvation rations for decades, can a tremendous effort to build a rocket and bring it into space. Like, a space rocket is so expensive and time consuming as the only superpower, the aggregate shock labor million serfs, may engage in the launch of the space cargo. And here – here you are, a state company for ridiculous money sends to Mars more tons of cargo. Yes, beautifully designed goods. Sorry, you know.

Космическая Тесла, или прощай "русский космос"?

Apparently, there is a rightness in the statement of Oswald Spengler. And here I ask myself the question: is it possible more “Russian space” or a small handful of enthusiasts who still tries to convince everyone of its necessity, will gradually die out and freed from this heavy burden the money will be finally directed to the construction of new hospitals and kindergartens? And Mars is the way others are flying? They, like, need? What do you think, should appear in Russia private space Corporation and does Russia need its own space industry?



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