Soviet brands, known all over the world. Photo


Советские бренды, известные во всем мире. ФотоAbout them the whole world knows.

There is a popular belief that the USSR produced goods are not of the best quality, especially in comparison with foreign analogues. Hence the desire to buy everything overseas, though, and much more. And our countrymen slept and dreamt Pepsi, jeans and VCRs, abroad some of the Soviet brands is also highly prized and were considered the elite.

1. Kalashnikov

Советские бренды, известные во всем мире. Фото

This weapon can be called one of the most recognizable on the planet, because it is actively operating in 50 countries. The classic version of the machine and its various modifications are the symbol of the Soviet soldier. With the participation of AK of hostilities in Central and South America, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Africa.

2. The Camera “Zenit”

Советские бренды, известные во всем мире. Фото

Cameras of the Soviet production was once considered among the best in the world, but the best of the best was “Zenit”. Photographic equipment from the Soviet Union actively used in most European countries.

3. Watch commander

Советские бренды, известные во всем мире. Фото

Assembly hours in the USSR started to gain momentum only in the 50s. After a little time, such brands as “Sekunda”, “Fly”, “Rocket” and “Lightning” was well known to many foreigners. Abroad these products are of Soviet production was valued for high quality and attractive prices. But the most generous and precious gift to foreign guests was “Commander” watch. Finding them was very difficult, because they were produced only on the order of the Ministry of defense did not expect the free sale.

Советские бренды, известные во всем мире. Фото

Even the Americans liked the watch. In the early 90’s they made an order for the release of 40,000 copies with a special pattern to deliver them to veterans of the military actions in the Persian Gulf.

4. The Vehicle

Советские бренды, известные во всем мире. Фото

This four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle produced a very long time, since 1977 to the present day. In the Fields, a huge number of fans, which are many and abroad. The unique car had an excellent sales performance in many countries, but especially well it was bought in England and Japan.
In the Field of rolling out the police, the car traveled at 5 726 m above the sea level in the Himalayas, the North pole, in Antarctica and even participated in the Paris-Dakar.

5. MiG

Советские бренды, известные во всем мире. Фото

The first copies of this fighter appeared during the second world war, and already in 50-th years heard about them in the West. It happened during the Korean war, when during the war fighting the Americans have encountered rigid resistance of the Moment. The pilots of these fighter jets were air battles in the territories of the Middle East, on the borders of Pakistan and India, in Vietnam and many other countries.

6. Black caviar

Советские бренды, известные во всем мире. Фото

Sturgeon ROE for centuries was considered a purely Russian delicacy. But despite this, in the former Soviet Union to afford such a luxury could not all, but the overseas price for this product and does significantly flew. But it is the caviar and the vodka was the main attribute and a valuable gift during a business negotiation.

7. Rocket R-36M “Satan”

Советские бренды, известные во всем мире. Фото

The Americans called the missile “Satan” for a reason — it’s the doomsday weapon. After its launch on Earth can and does not remain a single living soul.

Советские бренды, известные во всем мире. Фото

Rocket R-36M atonement for service in the Ministry of defence in the 75th year of the last century. “Satan” is able to carry a nuclear warhead of 25 megatons, or 8 razdaysya heads 1 megaton. One-time volley from 8-10 missiles R-36M are not able to withstand no country in the world. Now in control of the military has a new modified variation of “Satan” — Р36М2.


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