“South Park” parodied the reaction of Americans to win trump


Trey Parker and Matt stone, the creators of the popular animated series “South Park” (South Park) had to create the latest episode in a hurry: America didn’t expect the victory of Donald trump in the presidential election, and initially the series was to talk about what bill Clinton’s life in the status of “first gentleman”.

“South Park” parodied the reaction of Americans to win trump

The episode was more realistic than ironic: the filmmakers of “South Park” managed to convey the atmosphere of unbelieving stupor, which is now literally paralyzed American citizens, startled by this unexpected result of the presidential election. However, the new head of state is not present in the painting: the post of President went to the schoolmaster, Mr. Harrison, the character known from the very first series. In the story, he is shocked by his win, the series is called “Oh my God” (Oh Jeez).

Hillary Clinton and Mr. garrison

Deserves special attention the reaction of the citizens of South Park to the incident. Many of them mutter, “This wasn’t supposed to happen”, and one of stunned by the news of the townspeople shoots himself in the head with a pistol. The father of one of the main characters, Randy Marsh, sums up: “We learned that in the US a woman can become what you want, but not President.”

Teaser of a new episode of “South Park”

Oh Jeez…#SouthPark #TheMorningAfter pic.twitter.com/HRcUm9KxNf

— South Park (@SouthPark) 9 Nov 2016


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