South Korea was rocked by an earthquake


Южную Корею сотрясло землетрясение The tremors forced the nearby residents to the shelter

On Sunday morning, February 11, in South Korea, an earthquake of a magnitude of 4.6.

The earthquake rocked the industrial city of Pohang, which is located 160 km South of the Olympic capital and 370 km Southeast of Seoul. Tremors were felt throughout the city.

The South Korean Agency Yonhap reports that aware of 16 cases of building damage, the victims and injured were reported.

The epicenter was located 5 km from the Northern area of the city and lies at a depth of 14 km.

Geological survey of South Korea called the earthquake by aftershocks after powerful earthquake with magnitude of 5.4 occurred in the same place 15 Nov 2017.

We will remind that on February 9 in the Pacific ocean near the Mexico earthquake of magnitude 5.8.


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