Sonya Placidus showed love-filled eyes of her fiance


On the page of Sony Placido Instagram appeared her new photos with her future husband Richard Mountain.

Since then, as Richard horn all over the country in the program “surprise, Surprise” has declassified the name of the beloved girls (Sonia, Placidus) and made her an offer “hands and hearts” they no longer hide their relationship. Now in their accounts, with an enviable regularity there are new photos together.

This time fresh selfie showed off the newly made bride of Richard horn. It is worth noting that in this picture Sonya is captured without makeup and her bright red lipstick, and Richard on the face in large letters is written “happiness”.

For most fans horn, Placidus the news that they together was not surprising, because after their work in the project “Supermodel in Ukrainian” since 2013, there are rumors of a torrid affair. And some users of Instagram so far was in the dark, so selfe loving couple in a moment became popular.


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