Sony has announced the release date of the PlayStation 5


09.10.2019 19:3409.10.2019 16:3409

Sony revealed the release date and the name of your gaming console of the next generation.

She, as expected, will be called the PlayStation 5 and will be sold during the Christmas holidays 2020 (the last week of December), reports the online edition of the with reference to

Inside the console is the SSD that should be the key to next-generation consoles and significantly accelerate the loading of games and specific locations, reports Wired. Also will have hardware ray tracing, which should be good for lighting and image in reflective surfaces, e.g. mirrors.

The player will have the flexibility to install the game (choose the components of a single campaign, cooperative or multiplayer). You can leave something in one or more components, apparently, for space-saving storage. The user will find real-time updated UI that will notify about the events, where he may participate right now, or involving his friends. You can connect to the game his comrades or to the stream.

New console, new controller, they will not be much different from actual DualShock 4. Needs to improve feedback and vibration, so “to be able to feel the force of bestowal from the trigger of the weapon.”


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