Sony completely cease production of the famous console


Sony полностью прекратит выпуск известной консолиUnit Sony will finish the production before March 31, 2019.

We already wrote that Sony ceases production consoles PS Vita in Spain. Now there appeared the information that the company intends to cease production of games on physical media.

According to Kotaku, the American and European divisions of Sony will finish the production of media with games to 31 March 2019, that is, to the finale of the current financial year. The company reported this to the developers in a letter, setting as deadline for projects February 15, 2019.

The company will continue to sell digital Vita games in the PlayStation Network, but this clearly will not last long. After all, Sony already from March next year will cease to include games on the PS3 and Vita in the list of free subscription to PlayStation Plus.

One of the main factors for the low popularity have become expensive PS Vita memory card with games for the device. Because of this handheld console gained popularity in Western countries. In addition, American and European division of Sony is also not too popularized the PS Vita even immediately after its launch in 2012. So the console remains essentially Japanese exclusive and are unable to compete with the 3DS from Nintendo.

Finally, the popularity of mobile games has set bold cross on the revival of interest in a specialized gaming device.

As a consequence, in spite of good exclusive indie projects for PS Vita, almost bought on memory cards, because the company decided to abandon physical media.


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