Sony announced the “date of death” PlayStation 4


Sony объявила «дату смерти» PlayStation 4The company will continue to release the PlayStation 4 console.

Scientists and engineers every year manages to create the increasingly perfect technique, which becomes more powerful, more compact and more reliable. Earlier technologies were developed not so quickly and swiftly, because as it is now to keep up with the latest developments is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Due to too rapid development of the electronics market, Sony’s PlayStation 4 is already considered to be obsolete, that is, the developers squeeze out of it “all the juices”, though its Pro version has arrived on store shelves until the end of 2016.

At least Sony is that the PS4 everything is fine, but actually this is not so. A game Studio in recent months announced a complete exhaustion of the potential of this console, that is, its technical features is not sufficient to implement all those ideas and plans that exist in the mind of the creators of the game projects. In this regard, it is logical to assume that the Japanese Corporation is secretly working on a new game console.

As we found out, the President of Sony Interactive Entertainment John Coder understands that gradually the interest of buyers to the PlayStation 4 weakens as today’s technical equipment is not enough. In this regard, this senior Japanese corporations openly called a “date of death” of all PS4 models. As it turned out, it is still quite long, but will have to wait a few years.

In particular, as reported by John Coder, President of the gaming division of Sony, the company will continue to release the PlayStation 4 console in its various versions and releases until March 2021, whereas then the device will disappear from sale. This means that the production of the game console of the current generation will be stopped after about 2.5 years, i.e. in the period from January to March 2021. It was during this period of time, or shortly before it, to begin sales of future trends – a hypothetical PS5.


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