Solved the mystery of the emergence of life on Earth


Разгадана тайна появления жизни на ЗемлеThe researchers analyzed the isotopic composition of sulfur in ancient sediments.

The researchers came to the conclusion that our planet’s ancient microorganisms were widespread, and they appeared approximately 3-4 billion years ago.

An international group of researchers found out that 3.5 billion years ago microbial life on Earth flourished, and not was on the verge of extinction.

According to scientists, the first living organisms appeared on Earth approximately 3-4 billion years ago. Until now, researchers trying to establish the exact time of occurrence of a unicellular, as in the case if this process required a lot of time, so there were special conditions on the planet. In particular, if the first living organisms were able to emerge almost immediately after the formation of the Earth, then the life is distributed throughout the Universe.

The results showed that under anaerobic conditions the microorganisms consume sulfate and produce sulfide. In their study, the researchers found that the type of metabolism depends on the ratio of sulfur isotopes in the products life.

In ancient rocks, there are signs of the emergence of life on Earth for about three billion years. This is the confirmation that our planet’s ancient microorganisms were widespread.

Previously the oldest traces of life in history was discovered in graphite and carbonate minerals eoarchean from the Peninsula of Labrador (Canada) by a group of Japanese scientists. Before, it was believed that life appeared on Earth 200 million years later.


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