Soldier who shot his colleagues in the Amur region, killed during the arrest


Военный, который расстрелял сослуживцев в Амурской области, убит при задержании

In the Amur region when the arrest was killed by a soldier who shot his colleagues, the TV channel “Russia 24”. He resisted when they found him after hours of searching.

Earlier it was reported that corporal Hasan Abdulahatov, a native of Dagestan, opened fire with a machine gun on the range during night firing. He shot colleagues, who expected the output to the firing line, reports RIA Novosti. Killed the officer and two soldiers, two more soldiers were injured. The offender escaped from the landfill, taking with him a gun and ammunition. He was eliminated in the area of Autobaht.

A criminal case under article “murder”, the investigation is ongoing. On-site emergency working Committee of the Ministry of defense. Discusses the various causes of the incident, including the one that the soldier had a nervous breakdown.


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