Solar Eclipse revealed from space


The next Eclipse will occur on December 14.

On the weekend of 21 June, there was a solar Eclipse, which was closed with its shade almost the entire Eastern hemisphere of the Earth. To see the full annular Eclipse was able not only to residents of Africa and Asia, as well as astronauts on the International space station – for them, this scene seemed particularly impressive. NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy shared his collection of photos from the International space station (ISS) showing the moon’s shadow from a totally different perspective, reports the with reference for Today.

“This is an incredibly breathtaking view of the annular solar Eclipse, which passed by our starboard side during our passage over China,” writes Cassidy.

Eclipse viewers on Earth saw the partial or full annular Eclipse. Because the Moon was too far from Earth to completely hide the Sun, it created the effect of “ring of fire”. From the point of view of the astronauts on the ISS Eclipse looked like a giant shadow cast by the Moon on the Earth’s surface.

However, this is not the last solar Eclipse in this year. The next cosmic event will happen on December 14 in the southern part of South America.


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