Sociologists are sounding the alarm. The Russians stopped watching TV.


Социологи бьют тревогу. Россияне перестали смотреть телевизор.

The first and second channels, in fact, are agents of the state ideology, expressed the view of top officials. But since the New year, the number of people watching these channels every month sharply reduced. Sociologists are sounding the alarm, and representatives of the channels remain silent, making vague statements.

Let’s look at why there was an outflow of viewers. Let’s start with mesh-programs. Take and compare for yourself. They look like twin brothers. The same endless political talk shows, the same soap history. Virtually no quality content. What to say if the debate for the presidency, not to mention the keynote speech by leader of the country, collected a mad rating. This is the peak hits.

The rest of the time dull gum, which gradually falls to the level of animal instincts – eating and reproduction. Let’s go through entertaining programs. Absolutely no gear aimed at young people. On channel two still has the performance Petrosyan, but they are more focused on an adult audience. Are constantly in the record of new numbers no. Was “ProjectorParisHilton” on the first channel, but due to the fact that they raised, the program had to close away from sin. All the more humor and satire in the first and second the no button. As for the songs, the screen was occupied by a fun family with hangers-on. An endless series of Boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers and mistresses. The songs are dull and monotonous, causing the desire to change the channel. It’s hard to believe fifty-year-old singer when he sings about his ardent love, or an old singer singing about a fiery passion. What passion?! At this age, it’s time to think about the eternal, to begin to sum life up, is plastic surgery that somehow to keep a lover to himself.


Leading programs pompous snobs that somehow, some way got on the blue screen. When the speaker says it, or cursed, makes mistakes in words, behaving sadly as a biorobot, I can not believe what he says. However, they do not forget to boast about their houses, clothes and love Affairs. After brilliantly leading the Soviet era, leading to the early 90s, these look like the kid on the stool tells memorized poem to Santa Claus.

Social talk show presented by ruminant programs. They always discussed such problems even in the most advanced families don’t speak. Who is who of stars changed who sleeps with old men for money, who stole the money. There is an open propaganda that honest work, care for elders, love of country, it’s obsolete rudiments.

Imagine a girl in a remote village, working on the farm, receiving for his labor is not more than 10,000 rubles a month watching talk shows. Where unremarkable lass happily brags about how, with nothing but primary sexual characteristics, was able to seduce a billionaire to steal a state and now lives happily ever after. Next a young boy looks at that as a makeup artist boasts a salary of 800,000 rubles, saying that no it is not a decree, and it works, then when I want to. And the boy squirm over 15 000 works in a factory from morning to night and is constantly afraid of being fired. What do young people who watch it?

There are two options, both grim. First, that you need to quit. Why work hard, when you can live here and so easily and happily ever after. Just in time like the right person, and all the way to success through the bed is opened.

The second option is more terrible. People look at this vanity fair and constantly hoarding a grudge. This anger may burst out in the form of popular unrest. So much so that the Ukrainian Maidan seem innocent picnic.

Move on to a political show. In the Studio main TV channels can sit people who just spit on the history of the country in which they reside. I hate people who live in it, these guests of the show are agents alien to our country ideology. And the worst thing is that the leading their support, invite, pay the entry fee for these shows. In America, you love to cite as an example, the speech against the policy of the country would have ended sadly. People would become persona non grata, it would have not been invited, all about him just forgot. Was a man and no man. With rare exception, these shows are just bad, and plant alien ideology.

If you add up all of the above that we need this television? Whether it is for of the population? Decent series, no longer available, decent music show is not done, all the fun happens on other buttons. Here reigns a Kingdom of debauchery, lust, vanity fair and the endless political discussions. That’s why the audience vote and the remote in other channels.


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