Society as a business


Социум как бизнес

Exactly 30 years ago, a Russian engineer and now a famous industrialist, scientist and social activist Igor ashurbeyli established a company, which is a unique and interesting example to the entire Russian market.

In the group of companies “the Society” even in the 1990s, did not pay wages in envelopes, not avoiding the tax, keeping a fair policy in relation to employees, and in relation to the state, which, by the way, never waited for privileges and preferences. Maybe that is why the holding company of Igor ashurbeyli and managed to overcome this significant milestone, noting in June 2018 30th anniversary.

Holding “Society” it is called so. Igor ashurbeyli took as a basis the concept of society included in his values and needs, and in fact have applied this scheme to build their business.

“Society” unites people of different professions and different fields of activity who are employed in useful for the whole of Russian society projects.

Several holding companies, such as Arzamas instrument plant them. P. I. Plandin, “Design Bureau-1”, research Institute “ELPA” with pilot production and Arzamas instrument-making design Bureau, working in the defense of the country engaged in unique developments, which boasts domestic applied science.

For example, on the basis of the own laboratory of JSC “CB-1” now being tested by a ferrite phase shifter, 8-millimeter range, is suitable for guidance systems of precision weapons. Analogues of this development in the world.

Young designers, “APKB” busy in creating cutting-edge actuators for control systems of new generation aircraft.

Социум как бизнес

“ELPA” is the only enterprise in Russia to have mastered the technology of thin film piezoelectric ceramics.

Civil projects here paid no less attention than the military. Maloyaroslavetskiy the instrument plant produces medical devices that are in physical therapy offices almost every Russian sanatorium and clinic. Arzamas plant manufactures flow meters for water and gas.

The seismic sensors are developed and released on “Alpe”, became the basis of modern domestic monitoring systems that protect buildings and structures from destruction. A similar system is already equipped with the airport “Domodedovo”.

Ryazan enterprise of the holding “Society” recently helped in the conduct of the presidential election through the timely Assembly of the so-called Cohiba devices for counting.

“Society” is a high — tech holding company. By the way, its total fleet equipment today has more than 11 thousand units. And the equipment is constantly updated. Enough to visit at the enterprises of “Society” that the soul has calmed down: it’s not so bad in our country, manufacturing and science in Russia still exists, and private business is ready to invest money in them, despite the fact that instant profits here should not wait.

Социум как бизнес

Production, science, medicine, security and safety, information technology and telecommunications, energy, real estate – almost all spheres of life of modern society to cover its activities, the company diversified holding “Society.” Today these companies are more than thirty.

Four years ago, “Society” was formed and the agricultural sub-holding. Company “Society of Settlement” is responsible for the creation of a modern agricultural production in Shatkovsky district of Nizhny Novgorod region. Associated with this project an interesting story.

A few years ago, Igor ashurbeyli arrived in the village of Hirino, the land of his ancestors his mother to visit the graves of ancestors, and found the entire area in ruins. Since then, he has pledged to revive the village, and at the same time to maintain its holding of natural agricultural products.

“Society” would not be worthy of its name if it was not paid much attention to social and charity projects. Again – with the filing of Igor ashurbeyli. The Creator of “Society” itself for many years engaged in charity work – building and the churches, supported the monasteries, cultural, sports and public organizations. Only in the last six years of his holding sent to charity of more than 800 million rubles.

The staff of “Society” is also not bypassed attention and support. For them there are special additional payments and benefits. For years of service at the enterprises of the holding company based on veteran status with the appropriate privileges. Today in the state, with 8.5 thousand people, more than three thousand veterans “Society”, worked here 10, 15, 20 and 25 years.

Социум как бизнес

To the holding company on 10 June 2018 turned 30. The heyday of activity for any man and more than worthy age for a Russian company created in the era of cooperatives and managed to overcome all the difficulties and pitfalls of several economic eras.

Total revenue of the companies “Society” every year is growing by an average of 17 %. Taxes and salaries are still paid in full and without delay. So, to dwell on the figure of 30 no one is going. Besides, in society, given the rapidity of change in today’s world, there is always a new area for the application of the powers, abilities, and capital. Igor ashurbeyli and just right.


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