Sobchak reprimanded Kadyrov: aggression, deceit and chauvinism


Собчак отчитала Кадырова: агрессия, лукавство и шовинизм

TV presenter caught policy of bias against women

The candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation Ksenia Sobchak gave a rebuke to Ramzan Kadyrov, who called her “stupid” in response to the request to release the head of the Grozny branch of “Memorial” Ouba Titieva. The presenter has analyzed a recent interview with the Chechen leader, and found in it many inconsistencies.

The reason for the criticism was an interview with Kadyrov portal Daily Storm, published on the newspaper’s website on January 25. Sobchak called him “an amazing combination of aggression, guile, and male chauvinism”, and also pointed to a number of contradictory statements of the Chechen leader.


“You say that “you can never hurt the honour and dignity of the person”, and a minute later, saying that I “run around, do not know whom to go to bed”. So taken in Chechnya to speak about unfamiliar women?”asked with indignation presidential candidate. According to her, Kadyrov is in breach of its Declaration of honor and dignity, perhaps because the “feeling of impunity”.

Separately, the journalist highlighted the situation with the arrest of the head of the Grozny “Memorial” Ouba Titieva, accused of drug possession. Sam the human rights activist argued that the prohibited substance was planted on him, linking it with his professional activities.

Sobchak said that some time ago she actually requested a meeting with the head of Chechnya, to discuss the fate of Titieva, however, the politician refused. “Well, a claim that I asked to “make peace” with Kadyrov and acknowledged that “wrong,” just not true”, – said the journalist.

Ksenia said that he and Kadyrov have deep disagreements. Especially strongly she was surprised by the fact that the head of the Republic puts the Qur’an above the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which is openly said in an interview. “So above that Kadyrov said: “a Woman would not be able to control Chechnya”. That is, Kadyrov openly admits that man and woman are not equal in their abilities!”–says TV presenter.

She recalled a policy that 123 women in the XX and XXI centuries headed the state and the governments of various countries, including Muslim, and asked the question: “Is the head of Chechnya believes his sograzhdanam less modern, less capable, less strong? Hardly. I think that here he is being disingenuous”.

Sobchak has expressed hope that someday a woman will head the Chechen Republic and rule it “not by force but by wisdom and kindness.” “And those who do not agree with its decisions, will not be thrown in jail”, she concluded.

We will remind, on the eve of Kadyrov said that he had no authority to intervene in the case of the head of the Chechen branch “the Memorial” Ouba Titieva. Thus he answered the demand of Ksenia Sobchak to release human rights activist accused of drug possession. “Here she is stupid, I don’t understand it,” — said Kadyrov.



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