Snapchat removes ‘pornographic filters’ from the app


Snapchat has removed a series of pornographic lenses that allow users to put a virtual layer over their photos from the American porn film studio Naughty America. Variety reports this after previous reports about the filters.

Naughty America placed three Snapchat filters from some of its actors online for free, and gives its paying members access to more lenses and a guide that users can use to make their own.

The company instructed its users to only use the lenses privately and not to add them to public parts of the Snapchat app. Still, Snap, the company behind the social medium, removed the Naughty America account and the placed lenses from his app.

Non-sexual nudity is permitted on Snapchat, but the use of images in which pornography is ‘promoted or distributed’ is against the rules of the social medium.


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